the effects on depression are good news

Recent research has been conducted that states something very important, that taking vitamin D supplements can help alleviate the symptoms of depression.

The reason why this happens lies in the fact that this micronutrient is able to regulate the functions of the central nervous system. Here is therefore explained why thevitamin D supplementation it can relieve those symptoms of depression. The importance of vitamin D therefore should not be underestimated. There are many benefits of vitamin D but among them there is certainly this very significant discovery for people’s mental healthThis is certainly excellent news for those who suffer from this pathology which can often be really disabling, in public and private life. People with depression don’t live an easy life.

Vitamin D: Effects on Depression Are Good News (pixabay)

A very careful research was conducted by an international team of scientists, during this study many analyzes were made of research from all over the world. The effectiveness of what are the common antidepressants used is often insufficient to treat depression, many people take them but often do not have the desired effects. This is the reason why other methods have been discovered to relieve symptoms of depression. The research aimed at pointing the finger at this important aspect that had not been considered before.


Vitamin D is believed to regulate functions of the central nervous system, and the connection with the symptoms of depression is very close. Research has highlighted this close association between a vitamin D deficiency and the depressive symptoms that appear, so it is essential to underline this union between vitamin D supplementation and depression. A kind of dependence on each other.

vitamin D deficiency and the depressive symptoms that appear
Vitamin D deficiency and the depressive symptoms that appear

About this aspect of integration the study has put in emphasis that it was 50-100 micrograms per day. However, the certainty of the evidence remains low due to the heterogeneity of the populations studied during the study that was conducted by the scientists. Obviously new clinical studies have emerged from this research to try to shed more clarity on this very aspect important, that is, the integration of vitamin D in the treatment of depression.

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