the fans ask for the exemption, Max is back to the wall-

from Alessandro Bocci, sent to Turin

Allegri’s second reign at Juve was a nightmare. There was no summit with the management, but the satisfaction of the technician at an all-time low: only his very rich contract protects him from exemption

TURIN Zero points and zero play, but now also zero alibis. Juve, scrambled by Benfica, back to the wall. Especially his coach. The second reign of Massimiliano Allegri a kind of nightmare. In the first he had won 5 league titles and played two Champions League finals. Now the pneumatic vacuum and only his very rich contract, almost 9 million with bonuses, protects him from exemption. A situation that cannot last forever. We need an immediate change of pace. Absences, so many and heavy, are no longer valid as an alibi. Max has the team he asked for and the involution of Vlahovic, mister 80 million, the center-forward who had to guarantee the qualitative leap, represents a stain that the coach must quickly erase.

Allegri’s plan was simple: manage the emergency until November, remaining in the upper quarters of the standings and somehow taking home the qualification for the round of 16 of the Champions League and then groped for the sprint by recovering his stars, Pogba and Chiesa, even the best Di Maria. Benfica have thrown down the house of cards and are likely to cancel a record. Allegri, until now, has hit ten out of ten qualifiers in the round of 16. Only Arsene Wenger, who reached fourteen, did better. Today, for the entry into the magnificent sixteen of Europe at high risk and in the black night of the Stadium, even the coach had to take note of the bitter reality. I didn’t think we would lose the first two Champions League games. Now the complicated situation and to speak now only a useless waste of energy. You have to keep quiet and work.

After the defeat, which for long stretches of the second half seemed like a humiliation, there was no summit between the management and Max. Allegri says he does not feel in danger, but in these cases the coach is the last to know. The super contract glues him to the Juventus bench, but his satisfaction at an all-time low. The fans of the curve, at the end of the game, insulted him and on social networks they ask for his exemption in a loud voice. Also Di Maria’s perplexity for the change of Milik, caught by a lip of the Argentinenot a sign of compactness inside the locker room.

Allegri has only one way to save the shack and get out of the nightmare: to win. Starting from Monza and then after the break. Football always gives you the chance to redeem yourself, he says at the end but who knows if he believes it. Maybe returning to Juve wasn’t a great idea.

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