the first time in Westminster since 1760. The royals will walk behind the coffin-

The funeral is due to take place on Monday 19th and for the first time will be held in Westminster Abbey. The queen gave precise indications on the development to allow full participation of the public. Live television scheduled. The coffin pulled by sailors with ropes

The royals will walk behind the coffin of Elizabeth, as it was for Diana and Philip. The funeral is expected to take place on Monday 19th and for the first time since 1760 it will be held inWestminster abbey: the last time this had happened was for the death of King George II, after which the ceremony had always taken place in St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

But it was there Queen itself to want that his last goodbye took place in Westminster, to allow full public participation and even live television: the abbey can hold up to 2000 people. Plus Westminster has always had a particular meaning for the deceased sovereign: there that she was crowned and there that she married.

Plans for his funeral were started as far back as the 1960s and Elizabeth gave personally different indications: this is the first state funeral to take place in Great Britain since 1965, in that case for Winston Churchill.

Elizabeth’s coffin will be moved from the Palace of Westminster, where she has been exposed to the public for three or four days, and placed on a gun carriage, which will be towed to the church from sailors with ropes, instead of horses. Following her, on foot, the most important members of the royal family. They will be present at the funeral service in the abbey heads of state and government, as well as royals from all over Europe. But there will be no Vladimir Putin, as the Kremlin confirmed. The funeral mass will be broadcast live on TV and two minutes of silence will be observed. At the end, the coffin will be carried in procession to Windsor for the burial in the chapel of San Giorgio. There will be a religious service, the last moment of the funeral to be broadcast on TV: the actual burial will take place in private, in the presence of the closest members of the family. The queen will rest next to her mother, father and sister Margaret: also the coffin of Philip she will be married from the royal crypt next to that of his wife.

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