The German government will compensate the families of the victims of the attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics

German government on Wednesday announced the reaching of a compensation agreement with the families of the 11 Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics in an attack by a Palestinian terrorist group. The compensation figure has not yet been made official, but the German news agency DPA and other newspapers spoke of 28 million euros (22.5 million would be borne by the federal government, 5 million by Bavaria and 500 thousand euros by the city of Munich). The agreement also provides for the establishment of a commission of German and Israeli historians to re-evaluate the events of 1972, and the admission of the political responsibility of the German government in the death of the 11 athletes.

The agreement was reached after a long dispute, linked to the fact that the victims’ families believed that the German government had offered too low a figure (initially there was talk of 10 million euros) and that it had never fully assumed its own responsibility for the events of 1972. For this reason, a few days ago, family members had threatened to boycott the commemoration ceremony for the 50th anniversary of the massacre, scheduled for Monday 5 September.

The 5th September 1972at 4 in the morning, eight members of the Palestinian militant organization Black September they entered the Olympic village without too much difficulty, broke into the building of Israeli athletes and killed two people (Moshe Weinberg, Greco-Roman wrestling coach, and Yossef Romano, weightlifting athlete, who had tried to stop them). They then took nine more hostages to press for the release of some Palestinian prisoners in Israel and two far-left militants in Germany: the hostages were killed in a rescue operation organized by the German police.

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