“The Gf Vip 6? My son didn’t like it very much “

After the end of the romance with Lulu Selassié and the rumors that leaked in the months following the breakup, however Manuel Bortuzzo it’s time to turn the page. A few days ago the former Vippone confirmed the relationship with TikToker Angelica Benevieriposting a photo in an Instagram story as they swapped a passionate kiss.

The nu0tatore this time, as his father told in the pages of Novella 2000, prefers to enjoy the birth of this new love away from social media and all that follows. During the interview Franco Bortuzzo he then told of seeing his son happy:

After the experience he lived at Gf Vip my son does not like to feed on gossip, social networks and people who could attack his partner only as such. Manuel now she is happy and this is enough for me.

About the Gf Vipthe father of Manuel Bortuzzo he indulged in a surprising statement, it would seem that he did not really like the experience inside the reality show:

Those were important moments for him and that he will always carry in his heart. Except that the Big Brother Vip it wasn’t the right show for him. TO Manuel did not like it very much. We will probably see it in other programs. Guest for interviews, but nothing the public has seen so far.

Manuel Bortuzzo in the Cinecittà House he showed great strength and tenacity, however the gossip then took over:

That was the purpose, only then things turned out differently. In truth, I wouldn’t even want to talk about this thing. I was disappointed with the behavior of so many people who started attacking me and my family after that Manuel with an agency launch he had left his roommate’s Big Brother Vip Lulu Selassié. I am convinced that I was right to raise an alarm bell. I want to protect my son always.

According to fans of the former couple there would be Franco Bortuzzo behind the breakup:

But that’s absolutely not true. Manuel he is not a guy who lets himself be convinced by me. He has his head on his shoulders. Do you think that the issue of the agency launch I discovered later. My son did it all by himself. He was convinced of his decision and he also explained it on TV. How can you not understand it? The main problem, I have experienced this over the months of being in the television environment, is that some people want to take over our life by taking everything for granted. Many write comments on social media are also fake profiles and do not even have the courage to put their face on them.

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