“The gossip doesn’t bother me that much, if anything it makes us understand if …”

Rkomistage name of Mirko Martoranais certainly one of the biggest and most successful revelations of the last Sanremo Festival.

With her “Taxi Driver”Has been at the top of the charts for a long time, confirming itself as the best-selling album of all of 2021 and of the first half of this year. Now his career is definitely unstoppable and his next commitments are now confirmed. Currently he is in fact on tour around Italy, but from September he will be the new judge of X-Factor. But not only. Apparently too Amazon Prime Video would bet on him as a competitor of Celebrity Hunted.

In short, that of Rkomi it is to all intents and purposes a professional and human revenge. He who grew up in a small working-class neighborhood where he worked as a bricklayer, dishwasher and waiter. Now, however, he is an established artist but his success does not scare him. In a recent interview with Corriere della Sera revealed:

When you are in the air you can only get off, but my feet are on the ground. I know it is important not to get attached to things, whether they are objects or results. Now I’m doing a lot of live shows, it’s difficult to keep the balance between the adrenaline of the stage and the boredom of the hotel: when the heat of the audience ends, I have to fight the post-concert depression.

The singer could not help but talk about the his (albeit brief) relationship with Paola Di Benedetto. And to the journalist who asked: “Dagospia wrote that after breaking up with her, Paola Di Benedetto she got engaged to Blanco. “, Rkomi he answered:

Of Blanco And Paola I don’t know anything … gossip doesn’t bother me that much, if anything it makes you understand if certain relationships are important or not, it makes you think about whether or not it’s worth it to be photographed with a woman or not.

In his lyrics, Mirkohe often writes about his favorite themes and about that prototype of a woman he would like by his side:

My albums are mostly about relationships, whether they are lasting or not. Apart from the first album, where I was very pissed off with the world, in my songs there is almost always a woman: love or escapes from love are recurring, relationships when they end are by their nature always conflicting, there it’s always someone who’s wrong, there’s always an asshole, and that’s usually me. I attach a lot to the female presences that I meet, I think it’s because I’ve always been among only women. My mom has five sisters (and a brother) and she raised my brother and me alone; in turn my grandmother – a self-made one – raised all those children of hers alone. I have always had the myth of the strong woman and in my relationships, of love or friendship, I look for that type of woman.

To conclude, he thus recalled his debut at Sanremo Festival:

In my first concerts I lived with great anxiety the idea of ​​going on stage. I was fighting my demons, until I came to be happy with myself on stage. But Sanremo, bam, it was a big blow: you have a song there, you don’t have time to warm up, it’s all right now, even now the first song of the lineup in my concerts is anxious. I’m out of breath, but when I get on stage the anxiety takes away my voice. I will always work like this, but Sanremo reminded me that I have to work on this aspect.

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