The “Harry and Meghan” case, first the exclusion, then the surprise return. The knots of inheritance and succession –

from Paola De Carolis

The invitation of the Prince of Wales to his brother to join in the greetings at Windsor Castle suggests a newfound peace. But the financial problems and issues related to the titles of the descendants remain

LONDON – Around six o’clock in the evening the gates opened and four of them emerged from the black cars. William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, and by their side, surprisingly, Harry and Meghan. Among the crowd – tens of thousands of people along the Long Walk, the avenue leading to Windsor Castle – there was an amazed, moved, incredulous applause: the reunion of the two brothers and their wives in the moment of pain seemed like a miracle. That a truce has been reached in the name of Elizabeth?

Serious and a bit awkward at the beginning, it took a little while to find the smile again: 40 minutes in close contact with an increasingly enthusiastic audience in which the dukes collected myriads of bouquets of flowers, shook hundreds of hands, caressed dozens of children, hugged those in need of comfort. Nobody expected it: rumors about the bad relationship between the two principles had been chasing each other for days. Harry’s trip to Balmoral, forced to charter a private plane because he is not invited to join William and to his uncles Andrea and Edoardo and left immediately, after just 12 hours, with a British Airways flight, despite William having a military aircraft at his disposal, it seemed the sign of an insurmountable gap. Yesterday here they are together, with that touch of magic between celebrities and royalty, as beautiful as a rockstar: the Windsor fab four.

Amazed i royal watchers: no one had warned them. They expected William and Catherine alone. What happened? The Prince and Princess of Wales invited the Dukes of Sussex to join them, spokesmen said, but not a sentence that is enough to answer a thousand questions: who did the idea come from? And why? the time of the thaw? a development that has struck the country and on which undoubtedly lies the warm memory of a grandmother who has always been very fond of her grandchildren, and of William and Harry – motherless since very young – in particular.

It was Elizabeth and Philip, right in Balmoral, who took care of the princes in the terrible days of Diana’s death while their father Charles went to Paris to retrieve the body. With hindsight, the errors were understood. At twelve, Harry was too young to follow the casket in a suit and tie with the men of the family. He was a child who had just lost his mother. A huge trauma, he explained when he grew up, but then it seemed the best choice to ask him to become an adult like this.

Before dying Elizabeth had tried to reconcile the two brothers, once they were so united. In recent times Harry has remembered the sympathy, the sense of humor, the dedication to the crown, the great integrity of his grandmother. William did it yesterday. Faced with such a grave loss to the family, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, in the face of his father’s new role and the responsibilities that will now fall to King Charles, the two brothers must have decided it was time to show themselves together. At the end of the visit, they all got into the same car, with William at the wheel.

Durer? It will be difficult to forget the grim words addressed to his brother and father by Harry during the interview with Oprah Winfrey and the accusations of racism against the family.. Then there is the prince’s autobiography, which should be released in November and which would be very critical of the Windsors (and, apparently, of the queen consort, Camilla). The dukes on the other hand were cut off from the royal heritage. They do not receive any financial subsidies. According to the tabloids, Harry and Meghan would also have been excluded from Elizabeth’s legacy. Finally, there is the detail of the line of succession: Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, sons of the Dukes of Sussex, are respectively in sixth and seventh position. As the king’s grandchildren, they are entitled to the titles of prince and princess, yet on the Windsors’ website they are named as Masters and Misses, not royal heights. An oversight, perhaps. Yesterday’s demonstration of unity remains a positive sign. Harry and Meghan will remain in England until the queen’s funeral. In Windsor they live a stone’s throw from William and Kate. The conditions for a new beginning are there.

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