The ill-concealed disappointment of the Italian collaborationist pacifist in the face of the Ukrainian reconquest

The pacifist communist Northern League unionist collaborationist comments on the news on the bombed hospitals, on the destroyed schools, on the incinerated markets, on the raped women, on the deported children: he comments on them to contest the verisimilitude, to downsize them or, when he cannot, to attribute the responsibility of those crimes to everyone and everything – to the warmongering Yankee, to the United States, to NATO, to the Europe that serves them, to the vanities of the Ukrainians, to the cynicism of those who lead them – except those who have planned and perpetrated them and claim them legitimacy, when in turn it fails to bury them with the propaganda of which here in Italy the pacifist Communist League, syndicalist collaborationist, repeats.

News of the Ukrainian resistance, and the reconquest it manages to complete, is more difficult to handle. They embarrass. They disturb the balance of the current slogan, “Neither with rapes nor with NATO”, “Neither with deported children nor with the Europe of arms”, “Neither with the Nazi hideouts disguised as hospitals nor with the homosexuals of Kiev”.

And if, therefore, a city is returned to Ukrainian control, then the pacifist communist Northern League unionist collaborationist fails, not yet, to say “unfortunately”; if the lines of the attackers retreat, the “unfortunate” he mulls over fails, at least for now, to come out as he would like. But that change of scenery attentive to pacifist peace, the one that is not revoked by the snipers who splice the cyclists and by the corpses of Bucha, likely mannequins, but by the weapons sent by the free West to those who claim to be part of it and fight to be part of it.

Backs off with the aggressors, pacifist peace: peace embedded in special operation.

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