The Ladies’ Paradise, twist: no one had foreseen this novelty

The Ladies’ Paradise, twist: no one had foreseen this novelty. Incredible gift from Rai 1 to the fans of the Italian soap

There are television products that immediately enter the hearts of the public, also because they are promoted in a widespread way. And others who need more time to retain viewers. As in the case of The Ladies’ Paradisethe soap mede in Italy which was the most beautiful surprise of the last television season.

Paradise of the ladies returns to Rai 1 (ANSA)

There sixth season of the soap opera broadcast in the afternoon of Rai 1 ended with several twists in late April, but we know that May the cast was already at work. because if in the past Il Paradiso delle Signore was at risk of closure, with the excellent results achieved in the last two years it has convinced everyone to go on.

So the fans hold their breath waiting for the first episode for the new season, scheduled for Monday 12 September 2022. But Rai has decided to prepare a beautiful surprise for everyone. It will close the episodes of You are Sisters, which in the summer replaced PDS not with the same success. And so on Monday 5th September until 9 September the reruns of Il paradiso delle donne 6 will be broadcast. In particular, the last five episodes of the past season, in order to immediately reconnect with the past.

The Ladies’ Paradise, twist: there is a date to be marked immediately

Six Sisters will then air until September 2 and then the unreleased episodes will be moved up Rai Premium in the early evening on Thursday evenings from 9.15 pm. In their place, therefore, the events of the soap set in Milan will return, which season after season has fascinated our local fans.

Meanwhile, several advances on the plot have come out which will once again see the thirst for revenge of Adelaide against which Umberto and Vittorio will fight. But the fans are also eager to know what will happen between Ludovica and Marcello, who are going through a phase of crisis, or even between Salvo and Anna.

The Ladies' Paradise 7
The cast of the beloved soap opera (via WebSource)

In addition, the return of beloved characters and new protagonists are expected. But there will not be, as someone had hypothesized in recent weeks, the debut of Alex Belli which at least for now seems to have other projects.

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