the last bill is out of this world

During an interview with Messaggero, the president of the FIGC Gravina raised an alarm regarding the costs of the sports center.

Worse than the pandemic, it risks becoming a social drama“, These are the most significant words of the president of the FigsGabriel Gravinawho lashed out at the dear bills who did not spare the world of football either. According to the statements of the number one of the Football Association, a Coverciano a maxi electricity bill would come from beyond 26 thousand euros. A situation deemed unmanageable in the long term and which risks endangering i jobs of many people who are employed in the sports center that hosts the retreats of the Italian national team of football.

The Coverciano sports center that hosts the retreats of the Italian national football team (Ansa)

Maxi bill arrived in Coverciano: the hard appeal of Gravina

I’m just saying that in Coverciano, the home of the National Teams, an electricity bill of 26 thousand euros arrived in May, 45 in June, 79 in July. And gas has yet to arrive. You understand that with what we risk losing each month, we don’t want to stay open. What do I do, close and send home the people who work there?“. This is the alarm raised by the president of the Football Association Gabriele Gravina, in an interview with the Messenger. “My concern is that since we are talking about companies, associations remain outside, which is the backbone of sport. It would be a fatal blow“, Presses the number one of the Figs.

Coverciano sports center
The Italian national team on the pitch of the sports center of Coverciano (Ansa)

And instead “nothing has happened, now we can only expect that football is treated with the same dignity as other sectors which have the same significant impact on society“. The high bills and the energy crisis exacerbated by the war for Gravinait’s worse than the pandemic“, Which is now asking the government”rather we demand equal dignity with all other sectors. From Serie A to youth teams. These days we have moved, we know that businesses will be recognized as tax credit a percentage of the energy costs of the next three months. We’ll be on the list too, I hope“. “Here we are playing with fire – concludes Gravina – this too is likely to become a social drama“.

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