The legacy of Queen Elizabeth: “Harry totally excluded from his will”. The sovereign leaves the heirs a personal fortune of 530 million

How they will come divided between the children and grandchildren the 530 million pounds that Elizabeth II bequeaths? Prince Harry won’t have a penny of a pound. These are the revelations of the British tabloids after the queen’s death. Which already have this title: “Elisabeth’s revenge“. The amount that the sovereign leaves to her family, estimated by Forbeyes, it’s mind-boggling. And that’s only a fraction of the total value of the British monarchy: 88 billion dollars. But to Harry, the rebellious boy he left with Meghan Markle to live in the States giving up the Crown, nothing will go. The Duke of Sussex was the last to show up at Balmoral where everyone was already paying homage to grandmother Elizabeth who had just passed away, an hour and a half after Buckingham Palace had spread the news of her death. He was also the first to leave the Scottish home the following morning. Alone in pain of him, in dark suit and with the expression “of stone”as the Sun. And Meghan? She wasn’t there: “It would not have been well received “stressed the BBC.

Now it’s time to open the will. Which, however, according to the Royal House’s practice, will remain secret for 90 years. This is what English law establishes. And, they tell it Star And International Business Timethe Queen would have changed his last wishes last August, taking away from the second son of Charles and Lady Diana all benefits. Other sources close to the Royal House even speak of an exclusion also aimed at their children: Lillibeth Diana, born in 2021, and Archie, in 2019. Now it seemed the attitude of King Charles III was very formal. In her first public address in the UK and Commonwealth she expressed support for the couple during her first public address after years of tensions: “I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad ”. Many have interpreted them as diplomatic words. But also an invitation to stay out of the UK.

Harry and Meghan carved a furrow with the monarchy during Elizabeth’s final years. They gave up their royal duties and moved to California. They resigned as senior members of the royal family in a sensational fashion. Then the situation worsened. The interview granted exclusively to Oprah Winfrey told of racism towards Meghan in the Royal House. It took all the diplomatic arts of the Queen to heal the crisis. Both had been apologized and somehow publicly forgiven. They had then participated in the Platinum Jubilee in June. But without being able to look out from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Determined, firm, and at the same time understanding and conciliatory, Elizabeth II in the 70 years of her reign was a skilled administrator to manage the royal institution, navigating between thoughtful decisions and public relations. The institution that her father, King George, called “farm”.

The legacy sees at stake not only the millions of dollars that Elizabeth II, but also the 85 million he received on the death of the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and in the 12 million he received after the death of his consort Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Finally, the 300 jewels of the Queen’s personal property which, according to other rumors, would go only to Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, and their daughter Charlotte. Precious that she wears in the images of a lifetime. They are rubies, diamonds, pearls and fairytale golds. But above all they belonged to her. The Queen of the two centuries. The woman who, at the age of 26, promised to serve her people. Harry could now stay in the UK during the mourning period. Maybe he will be alone. It is not yet known about Meghan if she will attend the Queen’s funeral with her husband.

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