The livid hands of Queen Elizabeth in the last official meeting –

On Tuesday, when he formally appointed Liz Truss as the new UK premier, she appeared smiling, but frail with her cane and with conspicuous bruises on her hands, which can be caused by age but also by the insertion of treatment needles.

The alarm started from social networks, from the alarmed voices of his fellow citizens. After that photo of the smiling queen, perfectly cared for, with the rod to support her as always … but with the dark hands on the back. Thus appeared in her last public meeting, on September 6 in Balmoral, the queen.

Dark hands, like a hematoma, which he had already shown months ago before the Platinum Jubilee in June. Perhaps, due to infusions, treatments, transfusions, to help the ninety-six-year-old sovereign to carry out her work, her duty to the full as Elisabetta has always said she wanted to do. Perhaps, i doctors who now follow her constantlyaware of the tour de force that awaited the sovereign with the conferral of the new appointment to Truss they took care to give support to the sovereign. In fact, Elizabeth’s bruised hands had already been seen just before the Jubilee tour de force.

But it was not enough to avoid several forfeits of Elizabeth II. As now, the warning for the sudden deterioration of the queen. It can also be due to trauma, or circulation problems. One thing for sure, the Queen’s hands shown to the audience with her dark bruises sparked i messages on the social networks of the subjects, many recalling the experience of the same problematic hands encountered in their elderly parents. Almost sounding the alarm for a situation that was deteriorating.

September 8, 2022 (change September 8, 2022 | 15:38)

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