The Maggiore Gran TurismO based on the Ferrari 288 GTO has been unveiled

Automobili Maggiore has produced the second upgrade project for a historic Ferrari

After surprising the world in 2020 with the restomod of a Ferrari 308, Automobili Maggiore repeats itself with the Gran TurismO based on the Ferrari 288 GTO. With the presentation that took place in the past few hours, the Tuscan preparer wanted to pay further homage to one of the creatures of Nicola Materazzi, the father of the F40 and the Lancia Stratos (among many others) who passed away a few days ago. The interventions involved both the bodywork and the completely revised 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The price of the Gran TurismO Maggiore was not disclosed as the start date of production, estimated at the end of 2023.

ferrari 288 gto gran turismo: characteristics

While presenting numerous aesthetic innovations, the Gran TurismO nonetheless sports a look that is faithful to the original stylistic code, but updated with current technical solutions. One example is the suspension in Ergal, an aluminum alloy developed for the aerospace industry. As well as the LED headlights that pop up in the new retractable mechanism, while the rear has been reinterpreted with a new diffuser that incorporates the four tailpipes. The braking system is signed by Brembo. The numerous air intakes scattered around the bodywork are functional to the breathing optimum of the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8, completely revised in the main components and now mounted in a longitudinal position. The abandonment of the transverse position, which is to the benefit of dynamism, was possible thanks to a reduction in overall dimensions equal to 30%. As for power, we are talking about 525 or 600 Hp based on the tests carried out so far. However, a lot for a car that will weigh less than the 288 Gto’s 1,160 kg.

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