The magic of the TV Festival: “What happens here in Dogliani would not be possible elsewhere”

«A TV Festival in Dogliani is almost miraculous. Of course, it is the country of Einaudi and of great wines, it is located between beautiful and renowned hills, but it is secluded and it is not even easy to reach. Yet, in all these years the event has never stopped, not even during the pandemic, and indeed it has steadily grown ». Alessandra Comazzi is now a regular at the Festival. Fixed presence since the first edition, the tv critics de The print he brought his ease and analytical skills to Dogliani, making her available to dozens of meetings and interviews in the square. And she will do it too this year, starting today at 5 pm by inaugurating the meetings in Piazza Umberto I with a dialogue with Benedetta Parodi.

What is the secret of this festival?

«I believe that to accredit Dogliani internationally is the professionalism of those who participate. There are the most interesting names in Italian entertainment, information and show business. From Baudo, to Fazio, from Amadeus to Arbore, from Fiorello to Checco Zalone, over the years they have all passed through here. And the great thing is that they come there willingly, all free of charge, despite being used to fine contracts. It could not happen in Rome, Milan or Turin, because here a friendly, positive atmosphere is created every time. Nothing anxious, just the fun possibility even for front page characters to express themselves and talk about themselves without the annoying sensation of an imminent trap that hovers in the classic interviews ».

So, a relaxed atmosphere as a winning card?

“Nasty has always been considered a strong point in the media career, but instead here kindness wins. The institutions are present in a polite and very hospitable way. The public itself, as a good Piedmontese, does not stress the guests with a thousand requests. He makes him feel affection for him with discretion, for fear of disturbing. No excessive intrusiveness: you see Linus sitting at the bar, you greet him, maybe you ask him for an autograph or a selfie, but without stressing him too much. And so, with the key of mutual kindness, he becomes available to let the public know something about himself that goes beyond the character ».

This year’s theme is listening. In the midst of so much noise, is there still a chance to be active spectators?

«The red thread of this edition was chosen by the organizers before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, but it really seems very current to me. Today we are surrounded by constant noise, both we who deal with communication and ordinary citizens. It is a continuous bombardment and the impression is that it is all very self-referential. Listening once is a good thing: it is for journalists, for show people and for the public. Asking questions is important, but listening to the answers is essential ».

In your opinion, what is the state of health of television?

«The means of communication go in cycles: for a period they work, then maybe they go into crisis. But just as it was not true that video clips killed the radio, it is equally realistic to think that TV does not die because of social media. Of course, generalist TV is conspicuously in crisis, also because it was designed for an adult audience and made up above all of talent and reality shows that people sooner or later get tired of. But platforms with Netflix are also showing some cracks. Today the scene is undoubtedly dominated by entertainment on social networks, where speed is a fundamental element. Just think of the success of the videos on TikTok. But for this very reason it is legitimate and important to return to the theme of listening and conscious choice. Doing it in the square in Dogliani, meeting characters who are usually closed on the small screen at home, seems to me a wonderful opportunity ».

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