the mirror does not lie, completely naked

The last post published directly by Andrea Delogu does not need any kind of presentation or anything else since, when we talk directly about her, we are definitely on another planet. Something truly incredible

To remain speechless and above all breathless. It wouldn’t even be the first time something like this has happened, but on this occasion it has truly overcome. A series of photos that particularly caught our attention, especially one that was chosen by our editorial staff to show everyone its extraordinary and brilliant qualities. Something that leaves us completely knocked out.

Andrea Delogu

Andrea Delogu, the mirror does not lie: top reflection

If she is not the woman of the moment then we are very close to her. Obviously we are talking about Andrea Delogu, one of the absolute protagonists of Italian television. In recent weeks we have had the opportunity to see her on stage because of the ‘Tim Summer Hits‘in the company of the other presenter, Stefano De Martino. She is very active on social networks, especially in the last few hours where she has shared a series of photos that have particularly caught our attention. Especially one where we were definitely shocked. Obviously in the positive sense of the sentence, God forbid. If you have not yet understood what we are talking about, you must not worry at all since you have arrived in the right place and at the right time. Just think that the post is reaping the success it deserves: an important amount of “like”And approving comments from those who don’t miss a single update from him at all. Now, however, we are aware that we have considerably increased your level of curiosity: make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show that is about to begin, obviously the mythical native of Coriano (province of Rimini) offers.

Andrea Delogu, devastating selfie: absolutely nothing underneath – PHOTOS

Andrea Delogu (screenshot Instagram photo)

We weren’t lying to you at all: underneath it has absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. A selfie that we had never seen so devastating until now. And here instead, the splendid Romagna, showed us in all its forms and sauces. We honestly don’t know what else to add about all this. A hand covering the right side of hers side ‘A’ absolutely fabulous. A selfie that completely freaks us out, all standing up for her.

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