The most convenient supermarkets according to Altroconsumo

How much does the shopping cart cost us? Today inflation (we have read it, listened to it and now also experienced it) has reached a record level since it has never been so high since 1985 and the expensive bill does the rest. Now more than ever, therefore, saving where you can has become a need. Other consumptionas it has done for 30 years now, has also drawn up the list of the cheapest supermarkets for 2022, after a survey carried out in the period 7 March-1 April 2022. 67 cities including Bologna and the analysis of 1,171 stores and over 1.6 million prices. What emerges from this survey? That prices change according to the brand, but that even in the same supermarket chain there are differences in the receipt. And who has increased their prices the most since 2021? This interesting survey always tells us: “It is the discounters that give us more of the burden of inflation: the top ten out of 26 brands for price increases are these chains. More stable supermarkets and hypermarkets”.

Reading the data from Altroconsumo, it appears that i supermarkets cheaper than Bologna are: the Conad store in via Larga, Esselunga in Piazza degli Etruschi, via Emilia Ponente and via Guelfa. Then there are the Hypercoop of the Centro Lame, the Conad of via Emilia Levante, the Hypercoop of the Centro Borgo, the Eurospar of via delle Armi and the Interspar of via dell’Industria. And the list goes on.

Here are the cheapest supermarkets in Bologna (the number in Bold is the index and indicates the most convenient chain. If the index is 110, for example, it means that prices are 10% more expensive than the cheapest sign in Italy which has, in fact, index 100)

CONAD SPACE Vialarga, via Larga 10 110
ESSELUNGA SUPERSTORE piazza degli Etruschi 2, Casalecchio di Reno 112
ESSELUNGA via Emilia Ponente 72 112
ESSELUNGA SUPERSTORE via Guelfa 13, ang. via Lenin, loc. San Vitale 113
IPERCOOP Centrolame via Marco Polo 3 113
CONAD SUPERSTORE via Emilia Levante 6 114
IPERCOOP Centroborgo via Marco Emilio Lepido 184 114
EUROSPAR via delle Armi 12 116
INTERSPAR via dell’Industria 12 116
CONAD CITY via Enrico De Nicola 1 118
CONAD viale Antonio Silvani 3/7 119
EUROSPAR via Giuseppe di Vittorio 4 119
CARREFOUR Gran Reno via Marilyn Monroe 2/9, Casalecchio di Reno 120
PAM via Guglielmo Marconi 28 / A 120
COOP & COOP via Amilcare Ponchielli 23 121
PAM via Bellaria 47 121
COOP Meraville viale Tito Carnacini 37 123
COOP via Casciarolo 3 123
EUROSPAR via Ottaviano Mascherino 10 123
THE GIANT Marco Polo piazza Giovanni da Verrazzano 6 123
COOP via Andrea Costa 156/2 124
WFP via di Corticella 3 124
CARREFOUR MARKET via Don Luigi Sturzo 37/39 125
SIGMA via di Corticella 186 133

How the survey works: this is how the price survey is done

Altroconsumo also explains what the survey method is: without notifying the stores, the surveyors recorded 1.671 million prices in 67 cities, at 125 hypermarkets, 700 supermarkets and 346 discount stores, selected on the basis of criteria that guarantee their representativeness on the territory. For each of the 126 product categories considered (the most purchased according to Istat) we recorded the prices, including promotions, of all the products on sale, but only if they are on the shelf. This allows you to reconstruct the shopping experience, given that the unavailability of a potentially convenient product limits the possibilities for savings.

In the tables of the 67 cities you can find the ranking of the most convenient hyper and super for shopping with branded products. In the tables for chains, at the beginning of the special, you will find the rankings of the brands at national level (mixed shopping, branded products, cheaper products and private labels). The index 100: prices are processed on the basis of calculations and weightings. We thus obtain an index on a 100 basis, which measures how affordable brands and stores are, nationally and locally.

Maximum savings in the city: the annual savings, indicated near the cheapest points of sale in each city, are calculated by translating the
indices on a 100 basis in annual expenditure (to do this we consider the average annual expenditure of Italian families at the super, in 2021 equal to 6,780 euros according to Istat). To obtain the savings, we finally calculated the difference between the last store (the most expensive) and the first (the cheapest).


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