The most convenient supermarkets and discounters in Bergamo (you can save up to 3,500 euros in a year)

from Paolo Aresi

The news: you can save. It’s a lot. But you have to do your shopping wisely, carefully, not contenting yourself with buying products in just one shop or supermarket. Documenting. Even in our city, prices vary a lot from point of sale to point of sale.

But beware, the savings rankings are different: there is a ranking for branded products, another for first price products (the cheapest), yet another for those of the commercial chain (for example Panorama for Pam, Smart for Esselunga and so on) and then there is the ranking of mixed products.

If we take the ranking of branded products, we discover that the cheapest supermarket (or hypermarket) in Bergamo is the Esselunga in via Corridoni with a coefficient of 107.

In second place the Esselunga of Borgo Palazzo, with 109, the same as the Esselunga of via San Bernardino.

In short, there is no history in Bergamo regarding branded products. An explanation: the coefficient refers to the cheapest supermarket in Italy to which the value 100 is assigned, a store located in Vicenza (Emisfero supermarket); the closer you are to 100, therefore, the more advantageous the expense is.

In Bergamo, after the three sister supermarkets, followed by the Iper di Seriate with 112, then the Famila Superstore in Colognola (113) and Spazio Conad in via Fermi (114).

Complex issue

But it is one thing that you want branded products, another thing is that you look for chain products, that is, with the brand of the supermarkets themselves, and an account that you go towards the “first price”, or the cheapest, that which is often found in discount stores.

In reality, almost all supermarkets also offer this range of goods: for example, Esselunga is called Smart. And the price differences are significant. So if the Voiello pasta, half a kilo, you pay 1.3 euros, the Esselunga one costs half. And Smart even less. Therefore, the question of convenience becomes complicated. But the magazine Other consumption it has faced it again this year, it has been doing it since 1989, in a thorough and systematic way and we propose the results (…)

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