the most embarrassing gaffes of VIPs on social media

The most hilarious gaffes of the influencers on social media: from Giulia de Lellis to Beatrice Valli through Francesco Chiofalo and Elisabetta Gregoraci. Here are the most hilarious fools collected in recent weeks.

These are intense days for VIPs and the most popular social faces before returning from summer holidays. Relaxation does not exist, as the glossy stays on the most beautiful beaches in Italy and beyond, offer a lot of material to gossip and web enthusiasts. Especially the influencers are perpetually hit by criticism and heavy attacks on the contents they offer on social networks every day.

In fact, the latter are culturally defined as not deserving of such generous earnings unlike the many young people forced to leave their country after years of sacrifices on books. Not only them, however, there is also something for many faces belonging to the world of entertainment who often make themselves the protagonists of embarrassing curtains and not up to the popularity they enjoy. Over the last few weeks, there has been a real concentration of slips ranging from geography to grammar between the beaches of Sardinia and the Balearic Islands. Here is a rundown of the most embarrassing moments for some of the most famous influencers and VIPs in our country currently.

Giulia de Lellis and colleagues are full of blunders

Instagram and Twitter are the main meeting places for lovers of gossip and social ‘wars’ between VIPs and influencers. Not only tears, however, there is also room for lots of laughter given the recurring slips that the most beloved public figures commit every day on the various platforms. Giulia Salemi and Natalia Paragoni definitely need a review of geography and grammar, since for the first, Matera is a beautiful city in Puglia and for the second, ‘a taste’ is written correctly. For Marco Liorni instead, ‘thirteen’ and ‘fourteen’ have the same semantic root.

Francesco Chiofalo and Giulia de Lellis stand out for their frequent interlayers and linguistic pauses that on social networks are specially combined in funny videos by users to generate very nice pseudo catchphrases. Beatrice Valli’s husband got sick from a bad ‘ingestion’ and Elisabetta Gregoraci speaks fluent Spanish by adding an ‘s’ to each Italian word. Last but certainly not least, I am Federico Fashion Style who does not reveal spoilers to his followers for ‘scamaranzia’ and the former suitors of Giacomo Czerny, Martina Grado who, just like the hairdresser from Anzio, does not want to reveal too much to his followers and keep a certain ‘suspanc’.

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