The Municipality of Pisa grants a school gymnasium for “Military gymnastics” lessons. Teaching staff: “Contrary to school values”

If you would like it for yours son aactivities based “on the use of spirit And body dynamics of membership military“, Which puts in place a method“ capable of forcing with due diligence aggression resistant barriers psycho-cultural“, All through a“ commitment that serves to create cohesion as in barracks military “, you should go to Pisa. Yes, because the Municipality of the city from the leaning tower has decided to grant there gym of a city school for one lesson from trial of this particular discipline: gym dynamic military.

To propose the initiativescheduled for 19 Septemberwas a body private which, however, failed to convince the goodness of the project college teachers of the comprehensive institution Renato Fucini. The dissent it was unanimous, and not just on the part of the professors. Also there list civic from opposition of left, A city in commonasked not to give space to discipline.

“The consolidated text of the legislative provisions on instruction“, The teachers write in a document“Provides that school equipment is used, outside the school service hours, only for activities that carry out the function of institution scholastic of center of promotion cultural, social, sporty And civil“. Therefore, “a gym to free body programmatically tough and suited to aggression in which there is a training conduction by the instructor with style commands military“.

According to the college it would be antitheticalin forms and in the substance, to school purposes. Also because Renato Fucini is one school primary And secondary from first degreetherefore frequented by children from 3 to 14 years. Perhaps they should be addressed activities different than those suitable for learning the dynamics of military membership. The teachers conclude: “That’s how much more distant come on values scholastics of the Italian school and how much we ourselves teachers put into our work in the classroom every day “.

The mayor of Pisa – the former MSIthen AN and now LeagueMichele Accounts he will have to evaluate whether to proceed straight ahead, beyond the “resistant psycho-cultural barriers”, or to reassess the decision of the Municipality.

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