The mystery of the 2 deaths and the 33 people intoxicated by Listeria in Italian cheese, the investigation

There are two victims of Listeria poisoning, found in a famous Italian cheese. The news is still under investigation.

The Italian authorities they are investigating a probable outbreak of Listeriawhich would have developed due to the contamination of a well-known cheese. At the moment we know that two people died and others 33 show symptoms from intoxication.

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In Italy no news or rumors have yet been leakedbut thanks to an article published on Food Safety News we find that following two deaths, a health alarm was triggered. It seems that there is an outbreak of Listeria, which started with a contaminated cheese.

There Listeria it’s a very dangerous bacterium for health. Infection can cause very serious problems and lead to death. The problem is that contaminated food has no appearance or odor that arouse suspicion. And the first symptoms of intoxication can also manifest themselves after 2 months. It is therefore almost impossible to trace the causes. But the Italian authorities are investigating. Here’s what happened.

2 deaths and 33 people intoxicated by Listeria in Italian cheese, the causes are sought

Following two deaths, the ISS has activated the security protocol, initiating an investigation. It looks like it was right Food Safety to ask for clarification in this regard and that the Italian spokesperson reported that the causes of contamination are being sought.

At the moment, the difficulty it would lie in the fact that contaminated people may have consumed products containing cheese with Listeria. So not just a batch of cheeses, but industrial foods and recipes of various types. It is probably for this reason that no details have yet been disclosed.

However the spokesperson for the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) it would have reported to Food Safety News the following: “The Ministry of Health together with the ISS, the IZS and all the regional authorities are coordinating the investigations, gathering all the information on the cases and on the potential sources of exposure. Research on epidemiological aspects and genomic correlations is ongoing“.

So the exact type and brand of the cheese under investigation is not knownand authorities are probably waiting for more reliable data before issuing warnings.

In the meantime, however, Food Safefty News invites the public to monitor their health. Especially if you have recently consumed some cheese-based products. Indeed Symptoms of Listeria intoxication can occur even after many days. And they can include nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramps, and even muscle aches. The similarity with symptoms of other diseases often makes it difficult diagnosis. They want us specific laboratory tests to find Listeria.

In case of doubt, better to contact the attending physician, which will eventually be able to prescribe more in-depth analyzes. TO higher risk are the childrenthe pregnant womenthe elderly people and those with compromised immune systems.

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