the new nocturnal symptom that should never be underestimated

The virus continues to circulate and infect. A new nocturnal symptom has been highlighted and linked to the Covid -19 strain and is closely related to the new sub-variant that is continuing to reap infected everywhere.

It is about Omicron BA5, a sub-variant that turns out to be very contagious and unfortunately underlies the countless infections that are spreading everywhere. The virus does not stop its course, it does not stop, but it changes, changes and infects us. Our role is not only to protect ourselves with due caution, but also to pay attention to those symptoms that can alert us to a possible infection. The research has highlighted a very important symptom that occurs at night and that concerns precisely those who have been infected with this sub-variant of the covid.

Covid, the new nocturnal symptom that should never be underestimated

We have known by now since the virus has dramatically affected our lives that they exist different strains of the virus in question and unfortunately a non-reassuring fact is that the virus has the ability to reinfect people. Let’s go into the specifics and try to understand better.

What are the symptoms to watch out for

One thing to watch out for is definitely night sweats, a fact that has emerged from some research conducted in the UK. Obviously we are witnessing a mutation of the virus in the chorus of these years. The advantage is having done a vaccination campaign, and therefore since most of us are vaccinated the symptoms are not serious if we are infected with the sub-variants, but we must pay attention to this significant symptom that appears of us, namely sweating.

Unfortunately, the cases of infections are still on the rise and especially if we analyze the situation in the United Kingdom, here are the cases increased by 7%. The virus has transformed into various strains, variants and sub variants. It continues to infect and we must always be very vigilant and pay attention. Opening your eyes to some important symptoms is essential to manage this virus and try at least in part to stop its mad rush.

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