the new quarantine rules in September

By the end of the week Ema, the EU drug agency, after the regulatory bodies of the United Kingdom and Switzerland, will grant a wide authorization, starting with adolescents, for the two new medicines made by Moderna and Pfizer and updated to some variants of Covid. On 5 September Aifa, the Italian drug agency, should give the go ahead for the use of drugs in Italy. From Ema and Ecdc (the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) there should also be indications on the priority categories that will be able to access the new vaccines: we will probably start with over 60 and vulnerable people. It is not clear at the moment whether or not the hubs will focus less than in previous years in favor of administrations in doctors’ offices and pharmacies.

New rules on the home isolation of Covid positives who do not develop symptoms could be introduced already between today and tomorrow. In fact, on Monday the Higher Health Council met to give its opinion on the new “light” quarantine and after this opinion the Health Department led by Minister Roberto Speranza should issue a circular. Italy will imitate other countries, according to various rumors: that is, there should be a reduction to 5 days (from the current 7) if you have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours and are negative for a quick swab at the pharmacy. Someone pushes to ask directly for the abolition of the exit test from isolation as happens in other countries starting from the United States where, in practice, if you have no symptoms you leave the house after 5 days perhaps with the foresight to wear the Ffp2. For cases of long positivity, on the other hand, the aim would be to conclude the isolation after 10 or 15 days at the latest compared to the current three weeks. There is expectation for the circular, which could be issued at any moment, even if already at the beginning of the month it seemed imminent and instead nothing came of it. We’ll see.

For months, repeated requests have been received from various quarters to review the obligation of isolation as soon as possible, at least for those who have no symptoms and work in essential services, or in any case providing for mini quarantines. Abroad almost everywhere the rules are already a lot softer. In Spain and England, isolation is no longer provided for positives. In the USA, Germany (with final self-test), Sweden and Austria, quarantine days are reduced to five. The current rules on quarantine in Italy are as follows: after a positive swab, at least seven days must elapse before being able to return to freedom, provided that another test determines that one has been negativized. But with the latest variants in anti either they were asymptomatic or they experienced mild symptoms, finding they were positive after several days. There are also those who test positive for the swab only days after the onset of symptoms. Often this “type” of infected is negativized in much less than a week.

A general rethinking of the home isolation of the infected has long been considered inevitable, because the greater contagiousness of the new variants and their lesser pathogenicity will probably be characteristic of the evolution of Covid towards future endemization. For some, too much has already been expected. There is one of the promoters of a shorter quarantine and less stringent rules against positives for weeks Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa: “On the failure to reduce the quarantine for asymptomatic Covid positives, there is the risk of being late, because one cannot expect to arrive in autumn, when there will be a possible resumption of infections, with these measures of isolation. We end up paralyzing the country – he said before August 15th – 3-4 weeks have now passed since I said that it would be appropriate to do a ‘light’ quarantine. the inaction of the Ministry of Health on this front damages the Italians above all “. Maybe, now, we’re really there.

There were 8,355 new cases of Covid-19 positivity ascertained on Monday in Italy, less than half compared to the 17,647 recorded on Sunday. The number of deaths is instead equal to 60, a figure that brings the total number of deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic to 175,407. According to the latest bulletin of the Ministry of Health, the positivity rate – calculated on the basis of the 62,967 tampons processed – drops to 13.3%, down from 15% the day before. As for the pressure on the hospital system, there are 229 admissions to intensive care (stable), while the number of beds occupied in the ordinary wards amounted to 5,631, 3 more within 24 hours.

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