The new rules of King Charles at Buckingham Palace: great news in the kitchen

King Charles dictates the new rules also in the kitchen, here’s how things will change at Buckingham Palace from today. All the details.

King Charles III (Instagram photo)


Days have now passed since the death of the Queen Elizabethand his firstborn Charleshas already been invested as the new King.

A hard blow for all subjects, but also for the world in general, which will have to get used to a world without Queen Elizabeth, a historical figure so important for our era.

And it will be especially hard for King Charles, who bears the burden of one heavy inheritance left by her deceased mother. The King, however, already has very clear ideas on how administer the country and bring out his personal way of seeing things.

This is also happening inside Buckingham Palace, and also in the kitchens. Let’s see how.

King Charles, here’s how he will revolutionize the kitchens of Buckingham Palace

It was known to all that Queen Elizabeth had a great love for good food. In fact, although she has always been very attentive to her figure and her health starting from nutrition, the Queen also loved to indulge in some small whims.


the new rules of the King Carlo cuisine
The King has chosen a greener approach (Photo by Deemerwha studio AdobeStock)

Carlo, since he was Prince, had tried in every way to bring the kitchen towards a green approach and now that he has become the new King, he seems ready to revolutionize the kitchens of Buckingham Palace.

Engaged in many environmental battlesthe new King asked the kitchen staff to adopt a greener line, aimed at the economy of resources, ea reduce food waste.

the new rules of the King Carlo cuisine
The King engaged in his ecological battles (Instagram photo)

Strict rules, which make it clear what his guidelines are, and how committed he is to protecting the planet, starting with his kitchen.

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