The Paradise of the Ladies 7 12-17 September 2022: previews

The Paradise of the Ladies 7 12-17 September 2022, previews

We are almost there. The beginning of The Ladies’ Paradise 7 approaches. We are happy to share the first sneak peeks of the Daily 5 season, starting on Monday 12 September 2022. What happens to it The Ladies’ Paradise 7 12-17 September 2022? The appointment is always from Monday to Friday at 4:05 pm on Rai Uno or in streaming on RaiPlay.

Find the weekly advances de The Ladies’ Paradise 7 12-17 September 2022 below.

Valentina Bartolo (Veronica Zanatta) in a scene from episode 147 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Rai

The Paradise of the Ladies 7 episode 1 Monday 12 September 2022

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The Milanese department store reopens and welcomes two new Venuses in its aisles, Elvira and Clara. Meanwhile, the lives of our darlings go on: Irene has taken the position of prime contractor ever since Glory is in jail, Paola returned after maternity leave e Stefania is fresh from the publication of his first book which tells the story of his mother. Gem, instead, she was sent to the convent for punishment and Veronicaas opposed to Eziofor the moment he does not want me to return to Milan.

Meanwhile Adelaide has settled in Paradise: her goal is to put a spoke in the wheel a Florawho has ‘stolen’ Umbertobut in doing so he sows discontent everywhere, especially in the Atelier. Agnesin fact, tired of undergoing the oppression of the Countess, she resigns, arousing general dismay. Vittoriostuck at New York airport, knows a woman, Matilde Frigerioand is struck by it.

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The Paradise of the Ladies 7 episode 2 Tuesday 13 September 2022

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The resignation of Agnes are the theme of the day. One cannot help but talk about the drastic decision made by Agneswhich no longer tolerates being mistreated by Adelaide and decides to leave. Marco and Umberto they try to make Adelaide think so that a serene atmosphere can be re-established in Paradise, but they find a wall: Agnes seems adamant. There are also disagreements between Irene and Clara: the new Venus is not in the graces of Cipriani. Flora, Anna and Roberto they wonder what to do to remedy the damage caused by the Countess, whose management at Paradise is only creating problems for those who work there. Agnesleft out of work, she unleashes herself with Armandobut to rekindle the woman’s hopes, at Casa Amato he knocks Vittorio. Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the engagement party of Stefania and Marcowho asks Adelaide to intercede with the director of the prison to get out Glory on the evening of the event, organized at the Club.

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Paradise of the Ladies 7 does not air on Wednesday 14 September 2022

There bet de The Paradise of the Ladies does not air on September 14, 2022.

The Paradise of the Ladies 7 episode 3 Thursday 15 September 2022

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Veronica gets a call from Gem who would like to return home after the period spent in the convent, but her mother thinks that the time is not yet ripe: she does not know that the girl is in Milan, unbeknownst to everyone. After the summer, she returns from Rome a very elegant one Maria, welcomed with open arms by the Paradise family, especially by Vittorio, who has big plans for her in view of her reappearance. Roberto meets Gemma by chance and informs Ezio about her, who is convinced to bring her home. Agnesreadmitted to work, has a hard confrontation with Adelaide: despite Vittorio’s reassurances and Maria’s return, the atmosphere in the Atelier is not the most cheerful and the clashes could only be at the beginning unless one of the two decides to lower your head. Flora she realizes that the real problem is her and decides to resign. A really hot autumn is expected at Paradiso.

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The Paradise of the Ladies 7 episode 4 Friday 16 September 2022

Veronica think that Ezio he shouldn’t have reported Gem at home, but he believes the girl deserves a second chance despite what happened in the past. Stefania she hopes her mother can get a permit to get out of jail and attend her engagement party. Little Irene, Anna’s daughter, will soon arrive in Milan and the Amato family are organizing to welcome her to the best of her. In Paradise, to the general amazement, Adelaide announces the resignation of Flora and says she intends to look for a new designer. Umberto, however, has a plan to neutralize the Countess and her acrimonious management.

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The Paradise of the Ladies 7 episode 5 Saturday 17 September 2022

The Paradise of the Ladies Saturday airs this week!

Umberto compels Adelaide to welcome back Flora to Paradise, threatening her to reveal a Marco that it was she who asked the Director of the prison not to grant permission to Glory To go out. The Countess he unleashes with Matilde, just arrived in Milan, wife of Tancredi, Marco’s brother, with whom the boy has a very strong bond. Meanwhile Gem she seems to have changed a lot during the summer: she helped a child, whom she met at the convent, to find a foster family through Don Saverio, but she wants his gesture to remain secret. Stefaniainstead, despite the obstacles posed by Adelaide, she hugs her mother again at the engagement party, thanks to the help of Roberto and Vittoriowhich does not cross Matilde for a whisker.

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