The Paradise of the Ladies 7, the Curia spoiler: “Marco? Important twist, he …”

The actor Moisé Curia of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 gives previews on the next episodes of the soap, between unexpected returns and twists.

In a few weeks the next season of the Heaven Lord 7, now in its seventh edition this year. The new episodes of the beloved soap are expected to be full of twists according to what emerged from the numerous leaked advances.

Many unexpected returns will animate the lives of the protagonists in the shadow of the department store, among which the young Marco Di Sant’Erasmo, played by the actor, stands out Moisé Curiawho will find himself torn between his love story with the sweet Venus Stefania but will also have to deal with a lot of news.

In a recent interview, the actor who gives his face to the young Marco announced that there will be a lot of twists for his character, starting with the arrival in the city of his brother Tancredi who will give him a lot of work. .

Marco and Stefania in love in the new episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7

The next season of the Paradise of the Ladies is upon us and numerous rumors are circulating on the highly anticipated new episodes. Lots of news for the young Mark of Sant’Erasmoplayed by Moisè Curia, who in a recent interview stated that he will finally be free to live love with Stefania after endless ups and downs.

It seems that the couple will be on the verge of getting married, after having overcome Gemma’s resistance, but it is not certain that young lovers will not encounter other obstacles for their love. In fact, the nephew of Countess Adelaide, will have to deal with the unexpected arrival of his brother Tancredi in the city.

Moisé Curia reveals: “There will be a very important twist”

The fate of Marco and Stefania are partially told by Moisé Curia who stated: “Marco will continue on that line he started in the first season. He will continue to be a journalist and will continue his love affair with Stefania. And then there will be developments that the spectators do not expect, there will be a very important twist ”.

The actor then spent a few words on the return of another character: “Then there will be the arrival of Tancredi that we are all waiting for and that will create a bit of confusion”. Many surprises and twists for Marco that it will be possible to discover in matches from 12 September.

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