the performance at the Tim Music Awards is to be forgotten


The young singer who blossomed at Amici di Maria De Filippi did not convince with the performance on the stage of the Verona Arena

Saint John lands on the stage of Tim Music Awards, but it is not convincing. The young former pupil of Amici di Maria De Filippi was the protagonist of a decidedly subdued performance, studded with splintshow to say out of tune. In front of the audience of the Verona Arena and of Rai Uno (the event was broadcast in prime time by the state TV flagship network) he performed with singles Shock And Butterflies, but in several passages it did not have an impeccable intonation. Thus, several users tuned to the main channel of the public service poured into social networks, underlining the smudges with comments that were anything but tender towards the musician. Some grumbles also came for the look sported: a jacket combined with a blue skirt.

Raga, but Sangio seems tipsy. Boh that is never been in tune but so. I don’t know!”, one of the many tweets chirped. It’s still: “He’s not taking a note and out of time as well. I boh “; “But can Sangio make it tonight?”; “But you skip words because you don’t know them?”. Other not very nice interventions followed, to put it mildly: “With San Giovanni the intonation is definitely dead ”; “But people have seriously spent more than 100 euros to stay in the front rows to hear people out of tune or Rai praising itself?!? Live beats at least it was free “.

A dint of thought about the skirt and the enamel, this phenomenon did not take note “the sarcastic gloss of a Roman internet user. “But is this really called a singer? I miss a complete song can do “, another user thundered. Other words of criticism have been typed. Long story short: no, the performance was not memorable. Patience.

Sangiovanni awarded at the Tim Music Awards

After the performance, ‘Sangio’ was honored with some prizes, delivered by the conductors Vanessa Incontrada and Carlo Conti: a Spanish and a Swiss Platinum disc for Farfalle, an award for the single Farfalle and an award for the album Cadere Volare. “I thank the people who follow me, it’s a good result for Italian music abroad “, commented the young artist.

Health problems

In recent days the singer accused of Health problems which forced him to cancel the concert scheduled for September 4 in the square of Cremona. With a video disclosed on social media, the former Amici explained that he had severe stomach pains that knocked him out. This problem is not the first time it has occurred. The artist has been carrying it with him for months. In the last period it has even gotten worse:

“I never went to visit me. Sometimes you think it’s the fault of something you ate, stress, fatigue or anxiety. I have always neglected this part, I have always dedicated all of myself to work and to the things I had to do, without taking a day for myself and my health “

Until the end he tried to get on the Cremonese stage. Paramedics also intervened to try to fix him, but the pains in his stomach did not go away. Hence the flat rate. Sangiovanni recovered in the following days and, in fact, regularly performed on the stage of the Tim Music Awards.

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