the photo in split to the sea is forbidden to the faint of heart

Elena D’Amario sends Instagram into a tailspin with a shot of hundreds of thousands of likes. Here’s how she showed herself on vacation by the sea, teasing her followers.

Elena D’Amario from Friends of Maria de Filippi he has come a long way. The dancer originally from Pescara has even flown to America, participated in numerous successful video clips and occupied a prominent place in the talent of Canale 5 as a professional. About her Her story with the singer Enrico Nigiotti and then her story with Michele Morrone have often brought her to the main gossip pages. Her talent and her beauty are impossible to miss and during the last edition of Sanremo Festivaldanced flawlessly on the cover played by Elisa for her homage to the famous film Flashdance.

In short, a full career and many successes that have made her well deserve a long vacation this summer. After Termoli between villages and the historic center, the dancer still allowed herself the sea for these last days of August. The last shot of her on Instagram of her is right on the boat, with a suggestive background all blue and transparent. Her pose literally drove social media crazy: here’s why.

Elena D’Amario on Instagram poses on a boat and turns on her followers

Yesterday, Elena D’Amario on Instagram posted an image that sent not only her followers but the entire network into a tailspin. Pages of gossip and beauty could not help but repost the photo commenting on the incredible beauty of the woman and her statuesque body. Her profession that she exercises is certainly the main factor that leads her to have perfectly distributed muscles, with the right curves and sinuosity. For this end of summer 2022, the dancer has opted for an ‘Amazon’ hairstyle, which perfectly matches her amber complexion and her style.

She has in fact adorned her head with a series of tight braids to the head that keep her long brown hair in order with a ‘wild’ touch that she seems to prefer in her outfits. A shower of likes and comments of appreciation flooded the photo which in a very short time, reached almost 200 thousand ‘likes’. Among the first are the comments of her friend Elisa Toffoli and the former tissue of Strip the News Elisabetta Canalis. In fact, Elena poses in acrobatics and poses that only an athlete like her can afford, with a landscape in the background that represents the right outline for these ‘exercises’ on the boat.

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