The plan of the Israeli Prime Minister Lapid at the UN on the “two-state” solution, the appeal to the Palestinians: “Let’s build a future together”

How it had been anticipatedthe Israeli prime minister Yair Lapid he declared himself in favor of adopting the two-state solution to end the issue with the Palestinian people. However, given that the future Palestinian state is “peaceful” and does not become “a base of terror that threatens Israel”. The confirmation of the indiscretions spread by many sources close to him came from the speech that the Prime Minister of Israel made to theUN General Assembly currently underway in New York. “A peace agreement with the Palestinians based on the two-people-two-state formula is the right thing for Israel’s security, for Israel’s economy and for the future of our children,” said Lapid’s decision, adding that the most Israelis are in favor of change. The Israeli premier stated that a plan to rebuild Gaza is already in placebut first there must be a ceasefire.

“If Gaza stops bombing, we are ready to help it”

There are conditions, however in Lapid’s speech: “May the future Palestinian state be peaceful, and that it does not become another state based on terrorism that threatens Israel’s well-being and existence. And that we will have the ability to protect the security of the citizens of Israel at all times. ” “We can ask ourselves to live according to the values ​​of the UN, but not to die for them,” added the prime minister. Lapid then referred to Gaza. “Many members of this assembly ask me why we do not have sanctions in Gaza lifted“, Lapid declared, and then added:”We are ready to do much more. I address the people of Gaza: we are ready to help you build a better life, build an economy. We have already presented a plan to rebuild Gaza “. “We have only one condition” – he reiterated – “Stop throwing rockets and missiles at our children. Put your weapons down and there will be no more restrictions “.

“Iran leads hatred of Israel”

Lapid then requested that all Muslim countries, “from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia” to recognize the State of Israel – which is not currently the case – and make your peace. Specifically, Lapid mentioned Iran which according to him is “conductor of a hate orchestra»Towards his country. “Iran is the only country in this assembly that openly calls for the destruction of Israel,” said Lapid and then added: “It must be made clear to Iran that if it continues with its nuclear program, the answer will not be verbal,” but military strength “.

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