the power of Im-sama and the return of Bonney? [SPOILER]

As we have already explained in a previous article, chapter 1060 of one piece contained in the pages of Shonen Jump will have a delayed release of one day compared to the usual day of the week, or Monday. We will not dwell on explaining the reasons (in the article that we link you to learn more) but having said that, this is one of the reasons why the leakers have remained quite silent during these days.

Usually, the first leaks and clues are already received starting from Sunday or Monday: however today, Tuesday, we still have no real information, not even minimal, on what we could expect from chapter 1060. Or rather, a little clue is there. is: this will also be a bombshell chapter, perhaps even more than the last one, so much so that many leakers claim they want to evaluate it with a full score.

While we await the first new spoilers, in these hours what we will have will be unconfirmed clues and leaks. However, they too are actually quite fundamental to getting a first impression of what is going to be in the chapter, and what could potentially come true. So let’s go take a look at the latest rumors.

One Piece 1060, the news from the chapter

First of all, there is one factor that seems to be practically confirmed in every respect: Carrot will not appear in the chapter. However, always by a reliable leaker, it is said that ” the argument of a new nakama in Luffy’s crew will continue to remain“, And therefore if in this near future it will be useless to keep hoping, it does not mean that we shouldn’t keep ourselves in the bell anyway.

Other rumors that chase each other concern the appearance of the Five Stars of Wisdom, and even the appearance of the very mysterious Im-sama. The last time we saw this figure was in a decidedly not-so-recent time within chapter 908, when the Stars of Wisdom bowed before Im as he / she sat on the Empty Throne. In some leaks, we read how Imu will finally go to show the power of him, and how Sabo is aware of his existence.

To further revive the leak that refers to Im, there is the tweet of a leaker who says to “listen carefully” to the audio of a video, which presents within it the steps taken in a particularly solemn way and with a distinctive cadence .

A leaker instead states that for some reason Gyro, known by the name of Crab Claw, will also return. He appeared in chapter 611 during the Fish-Man Island arc, and was also part of Hody Jones’ New Fish-Man Pirates for a short period of time, despite Gyro already being the captain of a crew. . It is not clear, however, why such a character should suddenly make a comeback, so be careful not to take this leak too seriously.

Others, on the other hand, continue to insist on the possibility of seeing the Mugiwara who meet the pirate Jewelry Bonney, whose current size is discovered (but it is not clear if we will witness the discovery of the new island) and to see an important moment for Sabo. Let’s remember how these are all unconfirmed leaks, and only in the next few hours will we be able to find out what the story represented in the chapter will really be.

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