“The problem is that many great Italian clubs are managed by tactics. Superlega? If you only think about money …”

There Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed Arrigo Sacchi who today in Istanbul will receive the 2022 UEFA President’s Award from Aleksander Ceferin. The former AC Milan coach recalled his experience in the Rossoneri and, more generally, spoke about his innovations brought to the world of football. But not only.

Who were you inspired by?
“As a child I lost my head for Brazil. Then came Real Madrid of the five Champions Cups of Kopa, Di Stefano, Puskas, Gento. Finally, Dutch football. We Italians, at best, have taught attention, concentration, because we never played in an eleven. Always one defender more than the number of rival attackers. We were very strong on counterattacks, but after 80 meters you would arrive dead tired. easier?”.

Who was inspired by her?
“As Costacurta said,” they copied that Milan all over the world except in Italy. “Actually, this is no longer the case, but the peons do it, let me tell you. Once the little girls used to go to Milan and Turin to make the barricades, now they come to play. The coaches have knowledge. The problem is that many great Italian clubs are managed by tactics, good, for heaven’s sake, but not by strategists. “


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