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The ranking of the zodiac signs of the day of Tuesday 23 August 2022, here are the favorites of the stars

New appointment with the ranking zodiac signs of the day of today, Tuesday 23 August 2022based on the official forecasts of thePaolo Fox’s horoscope. The following content is freely taken from the section edited by the app Astri by Paolo Fox. On Centrometeoitaliano you will also find the complete forecasts of 23/8 by Paolo Fox and of Branko. What will be the best and which are the worst signs of the day? At the back of the ranking are the signs of Pisces and Capricorn.

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Tuesday 23 August 2022: from twelfth to ninth place

Twelfth and last position for i Fish: a certain confusion reigns in the work. Those who have a fixed activity, for example, do not have a great desire to carry out the same tasks. Mercury is against it and causes problems precisely in business contacts and with family members. In eleventh position there is the Capricorn: on this Tuesday there are many things to do and also tiring. For many people you are a point of reference, both for the family and for colleagues. In the end, it often happens that you have to fix some trouble that someone else has done. Tenth place for theAries, still struggling today with the Moon in opposition, which brings some tension. However, these are annoyances, but don’t worry, because from Wednesday afternoon things will get better. Try to let things slip on you on this day. In ninth place are the Twins who have to keep their expenses under control. Someone could get angry in these 48 hours because of a fine, or an unexpected expense. The stars, on the other hand, are in favor of love.

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Tuesday 23 August 2022: from eighth to fifth place

Eighth position for theAcquarium that should put some order in your life. When you think about too many things then you risk forgetting some of them. But you have to start planning for the future, perhaps even organizing something interesting for the coming months. Seventh place for the Weight scale, who is struggling with a day that is still a bit tiring. From Wednesday afternoon until Friday, however, there will be a great recovery. You have to find the right energy to move forward without hesitating. In sixth place is the Cancer who has the Moon in the sign on this Tuesday. There is still a long way to go to recover some serenity. But soon a period of great strength will come and you will be able to recover better. In fifth place we find the Bull: it’s an interesting 24 hours, especially if there are things to clarify. Better to talk now, because then between Wednesday and Friday it won’t be possible. In the sentimental field, many relationships have been subjected to stress. KEEP READING FOR OTHER SIGNS

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Tuesday 23 August 2022: from fourth to first place

Fourth position for it Scorpio which has interesting stars until Wednesday, then there will be a bit of boredom between Thursday and Friday. Someone may be planning to change groups or roles. The weekend days, on the other hand, will be interesting. Third place for the Sagittarius: between now and Friday a good proposal or good news could arrive. Venus and Jupiter are in fact on your side at this stage. Jupiter gives the possibility to regain even a little courage. Second position for the Lion: the middle part of the week will be useful and Thursday and Friday you will have great strength. From Friday then Mercury will also be active again. People who have experienced difficulties in the past can take revenge. Stars are also interesting for dating. The best sign of the day is Virgo: the Sun is in the sign from today, so increase your luck and also your capacity for action. In 2023 Jupiter will begin an even more interesting transit. The weekend will be important for feelings.

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