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The former partner of the commentator and TV commentator talks about his single life for the first time after the breakup

Cristina Tomasini, life from single. The young woman, for the first time after the sentimental breakup, spoke explicitly of Francesco Oppini, with whom he lived a long and intense love story that came to an end a few months ago. Since then she has entrenched herself behind an impenetrable silence, the same attitude assumed by the sports commentator who, in the meantime, is linked to another woman, Francesca, a beautiful blonde. In recent weeks, some clues left on social media by Tomasini herself had hinted that, despite the end of the relationship, with Oppini and her family she had remained on good terms. Alba Parietti she keep placing sweet comments under her posts, Francesco has never stopped following her on Instagram, a gesture reciprocated by Cristina herself. Now, for the first time, confirmation arrives of the direct interested party who recently returned from America: she did not break up tumultuously with the ex.

Cristina took a dream trip recently. She packed up and flew into the States where he stopped at Chicago, to New Orleans and at Bahamas. Everything was documented on social media, where some fans tried to steal some more information on the single life of their darling. Someone asked her what work she does to be able to afford a dream vacation overseas. The response of the woman was dry and full of humility, which received the applause of several followers. “I have a normal job, a mortgage, a house to support, etc. Sacrifices and saving, I gave myself this important journey “, he commented.

Space then to Oppini chapter and the denial relating to one of his alleged engagement. A couple of fans wrote to her that it’s nice to see the wonderful places the globe has to offer and that she should be happy to stop commuting between Ibiza And Courmayeur (places he used to frequent with Francesco). It was also implied that she would find a new prince charming. Cristina replied from her lady, clearly implying that she still has esteem for the ex and that there is no sweetheart by her side right now.

No prince charming has arrived. I am an independent woman, independent and with my feet firmly on the ground “underlined Tomasini, who added: “Ibiza and Courmayeur are two places that I will always carry in my heart, and for all of this I just have to say thanks to Francesco ”.

Tomasini, Ibizia and Oppini

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