the return of a model that made history

There new Cervélo Soloist is the latest novelty proposed by the Canadian brand, which shows the name of an iconic model on the scene, so much so that we had included it among the 10 bikes that changed the history of cycling over the past 35 years.

Launched in 2002, it was the first road bike to prioritize aerodynamic performance over lightness. In practice, well ahead of its time, introduced the concept of aero bike. She entered the collective imagination also thanks to the successes of the CSC Team, with which she remained tied for years …

The first Soloist, again with an aluminum frame

Unfortunately, Cervélo has not yet provided a lot of information on the new Soloist, but has made it clear that it is a high-performance bike that is positioned halfway between the S5 and the R5.
A vehicle intended not only for the professional but also, and perhaps above all, for the cyclist who wants a performance bike, but cannot afford to choose a different model every day based on the route, as the Pro ‘do.
And in addition it needs reliability and practicality when maintenance is needed.
Some solutions that we will talk about shortly go in this direction and, in all honesty, we like them a lot.

New Cervélo Soloist
The new Cervélo Soloist 2023

The shapes of the frame

The new Cervélo Soloist with the 2002 model has in common only the name and the attention to aerodynamics, since the shapes of the frame are very different.
Perhaps only in the steering area can we find some similarities with the first carbon versions.

The new Soloist can be considered a lightweight aero bike. We find the now classic solutions with truncated tail tubes, the aero seatpost with D-shape, the lowered chain stays and the integration of seatpost closure and cables.
The sections of the tubes, in any case, are not extreme, as are some technical solutions that seek a compromise between performance and practicality of use.

In terms of weight, Cervélo declares about 250 grams less than the S5 and 250 grams more than the R5. We should, therefore, be around 950 grams.

New Cervélo Soloist

New Cervélo Soloist

Interesting technical choices

Let’s start with the abundant wheel passage, which allows you to mount tires with a real section up to 34 mm, which is almost at the level of the most recent endurance bikes.

The bottom bracket has standard BBRightT-47a standard introduced by Cervélo on the R5-CX and which, according to the company, guarantees greater durability and ease of maintenance.

The semi-integrated cable routing is also a compromise between functionality and performance (as well as aesthetics), with the wiring passing under the stem (not inside) and then entering the frame via the headset cap.
A solution similar to the one used on the Aurum Magma and which in our opinion constitutes a good compromise.

New Cervélo Soloist

New Cervélo Soloist

The geometries

The geometries are very similar to those of the R5.
Steering angle, column angle, undercarriage and wheelbase are identical.
Slightly different, however, are reach and stack, designed to favor a slightly less climbing and more aerodynamic position.

Compared to Caledoniabike more oriented to comfort, we find a movement higher than 2 mm, a straight head angle, a 5 mm shorter wagon, 19 mm less wheelbase and a 1.5 mm shorter trail.

In total, the available sizes are 6, from 48 to 61. Below is the detailed table of the geometries:


The new Cervélo Soloist, at least in Italy, does not include a top-of-the-range set-up. The most valuable assembly is with Shimano Ultegra Di2, while the “cheapest” one is with Shimano 105. In total there are 6 set-ups proposed, to which is added the frame kit option (frame, fork and seat post).

There are three colors to choose from: black, gold and white.

Prices and availability for Italy have not yet been communicated, but if you want to get an idea HERE find the prices in dollars.

Cervélo Soloist Shimano Ultegra Di2
Cervélo Soloist Sram Force eTap AXS
Cervélo Soloist Shimano Ultegra
Cervélo Soloist Shimano 105 Di2
Cervélo Soloist Sram Rival eTap AXS
Cervélo Soloist Shimano 105

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