the revelation that no one expected

Benedetta Rossi always cooks a lot of food, but what happens to all the dishes she prepares on television? The answer will amaze you.

Loved by the public, on the small screen, on social media and in real life, Benedetta Rossi in a short time he conquered a huge audience thanks to his sympathy, genuineness and passion for cooking. Few of her knew her when she timidly started preparing her recipes in television, but in a few years “Homemade for you” has become a real must see for all fans of food and all those who want to approach the kitchen but are scared of starred chefs And gourmet dishes that we are used to seeing.

With the simplicity and genuineness that distinguishes her, Benedetta has managed to put on a show suitable for everyone and anyone with a passion for cooking, regardless of skill, means or possibilities. But we are always used to seeing her cooking on TV, where all the food he cooks goes? Is it being wasted? Finally the truth has been revealed.

Benedetta Rossi reveals where all the food prepared on TV ends up

The truth is sometimes not what we imagine. Here Benedetta has revealed the answer to a question that many have asked themselves: where does all the food that is prepared during the episodes of “Homemade for you go?”. We always see our favorite cook cooking all kinds of sweet and savory dishes and always tasting a little bit at the end of the episode. But what happens to the rest? Is it thrown away? A user on Instagram openly asked Benedetta, who promptly replied.

In fact, Benedetta was answering user questions when she ran into a user who asked her if the food is wasted or whatever happens to it. She politely replies that she never prepares large quantities of food anyway and that as far as savory dishes go, the troupe eats everything as for the end of the shoot and as regards the sweet dishes, the cakes, the biscuits, they become excellent desserts and delicious breakfasts for her and for Marco.

No waste therefore! With this good news we can enjoy the new episodes of Benedetta’s show, coming soon on Food Network to give us many new ideas on simple and genuine recipes, smart tips and infallible tricks to always make a good impression on all occasions.


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