The Richmond assistant who is “happy to coach anyone” next season

Richmond assistant coach Adam Kingsley has made his coaching intentions clear as a busy off-season approaches.

When asked on AFL Nation about his availability for the current vacancies in the coaching ranks, Kinglsey openly expressed his interest.

“That’s the ambition, to be a senior coach, so that’s where I’d like to be,” he said.

“The processes are, I’d presume, heating up and I’d certainly like to be a part of that.

“Obviously the last couple I’ve missed out on, and I got some feedback on those which is always valuable, and I’ve used the last 12 months to get to work and try to improve.”

The 170-game premiership player with Port Adelaide believes beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to his preferred destination.

“I’m certainly happy to coach anyone. North Melbourne, as we saw last week, has plenty of potential. They’re really difficult to get, these senior jobs, for any assistant and there’s plenty of us out there who have ambitions to become senior coaches,” Kingsley said.

“Whilst you’ve got to be careful around what you do, you can sometimes be a little bit too picky. So, I think both jobs available at the moment (GWS and North Melbourne) are quite attractive.”

AFL Nation’s Kane Cornes questioned how Kingsley has managed to juggle his workload at Richmond, with preparing for and presenting at other clubs.

“It’s really difficult, you’ve got to do your job first and foremost and that’s what I’ve been focusing on predominantly, but, at the right time, you try to find little gaps in your schedule and try to devote a little bit. of work to either improving yourself as a coach or preparing for an opportunity to present something,” he explained.

“I’ve been in the game long enough to have a really clear understanding around what we think the game should look like, how we coach it and how we teach it.”

Kingsley has previously been an assistant coach at Port Adelaide from 2007-2010 before moving to St Kilda in 2010 and Richmond in 2019.


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