The rise of Liz Truss, the former socialist turned conservative one step away from the finish line for the post BoJo-

The foreign minister favored in the race to Dowing Street: the results of the Tory vote on Monday, the inauguration on Tuesday. She would be the third female premier in British history. Her parents perplexed that they thought they had raised a liberal daughter like them

LONDON – The polls close today at 5pm (UK time). Which of the two candidates the Conservative party members have elected will be known on Monday. Boris Johnson’s successor will move to Downing Street on Tuesday. The last hours of the electoral campaign close with indiscretions, forecasts and not exactly lucky jokes. If Johnson, compared to the stratospheric increase in bills, comes to suggest that with a new kettle you can save as much as 10 pounds a year, on Liz Truss, date for favoritewhich eyes are on. Will he be able to cross the finish line? Two of his supporters, according to the Times, don’t know whether to hope so. The parents of what could become the third premier woman in UK history have a complicated relationship with the success of her daughter, who grew up liberal and socialist like them. If today she seems to be inspired by Margaret Thatcher, posing in places and dresses reminiscent of the iron lady, Truss at the university – Merton College, Oxford – she was president of the student association of the Liberal Democrats. Her schoolmates, Roundhay from Leeds, remember her as a silent and serious girl, very studious.
At university as a convinced, brilliant student, very firm in her opinions. Who says she was nice and interesting, who is arrogant and detestable. He took part in demonstrations against nuclear weapons to the cry of Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, out, out, out (where Maggie stands for Margaret Thatcher and out for out) e he called for the end of the monarchy (comments for which apologized).

Youth passions, if in 2005, at the age of 30, she presented herself as a conservative candidate. Elected to Parliament in 2010 (South West Norfolk), she became Minister for Women and Equality in 2019 and for Foreign Affairs in 2021. A career to be proud of but of which Pope John, Emeritus prefessor of mathematics at the University of Leeds, and Mom Priscilla, a teacher with a doctorate on the Victorian-era working class, prefer not to speak. According to the Times, they are they were both surprised and embittered by their daughter’s political choices. A friend of her mother said that John was initially furious while her mother did not know whether to support her (because she is her daughter) or not (because she is conservative). She finally decided that family ties are stronger than political ones.

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