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There are timeless personalities that never die, just like that of Lady Diana that we will always remember, also for the good smell that everyone said it emanated and which apparently was due to this essential oil.

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Also known as Lady Diana o Lady D, Diana Spencer was Princess of Wales and consort of Charles, heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, with whom she had two sons William and Harry.

The marriage, however, came to an end in 1992 and after the announcement Diana still retained the title of Princess of Wales, remaining a member of the royal family but without the treatment of Royal Highness.

She then died following a tragic accident in 1997, of which the dynamics are still debated, but before her sudden death she was named the most famous woman in the world, not only for her social commitment, but also because her figure was a a true icon of style and charm, to which this has undoubtedly contributed essential oil.

What essential oil did Lady Diana use?

Princess Wales
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If you are dissatisfied with your scent and are looking for an oil that keeps the scent longer, you can be inspired by Lady Diana and her beauty secret, which apparently coincides with a particular essential oil. On the other hand, you could not have a more satisfactory result if not inspired by the one who has always been a diva also in matters of beauty and style. So let’s try to understand what the secret which made her skin scented for a long time.

First of all, it must be said that she favored perfumes in their version oil compared to traditional ones; a choice that apparently made a difference. In particular, she used to favor the fragrances of geranium, patchouli, sandalwood and Ylang Ylangcreated by Aromatherapy Associates.

A fragrance that penetrates the body like few others, guaranteeing the scent on the skin throughout the day. So what are you waiting for? Imitate the haute couture princess and you won’t miss a shot when it comes to beauty!

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