The secret to lowering cholesterol is (also) at the table, especially with 1 ‘miracle’ food

Lowering cholesterol or in any case controlling its values ​​ensures a better state of health. One of the solutions comes to us from Nature.

Change diet it does not necessarily mean making gods sacrificesrather. We have many foods available that are also good for your healthbut above all that they are good and tasty.

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The time of rigid and difficult to sustain diets is now over. Whether you want to lose weight, lower blood sugar or high cholesterol, we can draw on numerous food plans. Obviously, it is necessary to rely on your doctor or a nutritionist. But thanks to the information disclosed – even from the most accredited realities – we can already understand in which direction our nutrition should go.

Numerous studiesresearch centers and health protection organizations have been advising for years eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, to leave “little space” for meat (especially processed, or cured meats) and possibly avoid industrial foods. So no one demonizes a good plate of french fries. But “Moderation” is the watchword.

Naturally, if we are in a condition of hypercholesterolemia, we must implement even more precautions. But no sacrifices are needed. Indeed, it could be an opportunity for experience something new, create new recipes and have fun in the kitchen. Here because.

The secret to lowering cholesterol is (also) at the table, especially with 1 ‘miracle’ food

Perhaps some think that “healthy diet” means eating boiled and tasteless vegetables, and giving up everything you like. Fortunately, this is not the case. Of course some changes need to be made, and to lower cholesterol we must also work on several fronts. Such as theelimination of smoking and alcohol and the beginning of constant physical activity, even if light.

At the table, however, we have many possibilities given by our dear and beloved Mediterranean Diet. With a personalized “adjustment” by our doctor we will be able to eat practically everything and lower cholesterol.

Of all the delicacies, however, there is a fruit that offers many advantages precisely in countering hypercholesterolemia. Let’s talk aboutAvocado. Today it is found in all supermarkets, thanks to global trade. According to experts, this tasty fruit contains a lot monounsaturated fats, benefits for the heart, circulation and cholesterol. Also in the Avocados we find the phytosterolsa natural element known for the above properties.

With the Avocado we can do numerous recipes, and Guacamole is just one of many. And according to experts, just eat one a day to get many benefits.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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