the shot that drove everyone crazy. Joy is sky high

Michelle Hunziker shared a sweet photo on her Instagram profile that is making her followers dream.

Fans of Michelle Hunziker I’m excited about the wonderful photo that the showgirl shared on her social profiles. Two boys together with the woman and her daughters: is the family growing?

On the other hand, after the separation with Tommaso Trussardi, Hunziker deserves some happiness. The love between the two seemed indestructible, but last January the couple announced their separation. It now seems confirmed that she and Giovanni Angiolinithe surgeon she had been busted with more than once, broke up.

Although his friends claim that the two are not alone are still togetherbut that they are even more close-knit than ever, the news now seems to confirm their rupture. It also seems that the farewell was not the most peaceful: Giovanni Angiolini would have launched some digs at his ex on Instagram. The two have not yet commented on the gossip that concerns them, but they seem to be in different places.

If Michelle, in fact, is in Milan where she started her working life again, the surgeon he returned to Sardinia to enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​the island. His friends claim that the man will also open a studio in Milan, just to be close to Michelle Hunziker. Could it be true? We will find out only in the coming months.

Michelle Hunziker

Meanwhile, the showgirl celebrates the pregnancy of his daughter Aurora: Eros and Michelle will soon become grandparents. The woman had been caught at the beginning of August to buy a pregnancy test with her daughter, and on the web the hypotheses were chasing each other: will she belong to her mother or her daughter? In the end, the big announcement arrived that dispelled all doubts: Aurora is expecting a baby.

Michelle Hunziker and the two boys

Aurora is not alone in sharing important news: Michelle Hunziker has published a shot with her two daughters, Sole and Celeste, and “Two beautiful boys” close to her. But who are these two children and what do they have to do with the showgirl?

“My secret sons !! Who will be the father? “ Michelle writes. It is easy to say: children are the children of friends. The twins pose together with the showgirl and her two daughters in a very sweet photo, in which we find the smiling and happy woman. Before resuming work, the showgirl took her daughters and two friends to have fun in a theme park, together with a couple of historical friends.

Michelle Hunziker

In short, no pregnancy for Michelle. Now the doubt remains about her relationship with Giovanni Angiolini: did the two really break up or are friends right? Only time will tell us.

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