The signs that ask the most questions, according to the zodiac. Are you among them?

Doubt is the continuation of thought, certainties are a form of “limit” for many, so questions are a symptom of the mind’s activity, because even the most stable contexts must develop doubts of all kinds. It is normal to ask questions, human beings have begun to do so from time immemorial, starting from the most ancient ones to the most “natural” and simple ones. Some people, however, take this concept literally and do nothing but constantly ask themselves questions of all kinds, what are these signs according to the zodiac?

The signs that ask the most questions, according to the zodiac. Are you among them?


They don’t bother others in a particular way from this point of view, but the self-respecting Taurus never stops asking questions about everything and everyone. He is curious but also quite discreet, in fact generally not “annoying” and not annoying. Taurus hardly finds satisfaction in simple answers.


Virgo is an expert in asking the wrong questions, in the purest and most characteristic sense of the term. It is a profile strongly focused on the “negative” and pessimistic nature of the human being and for this reason it is not so rare to have negative thoughts. But Virgo prefers asking “uncomfortable” questions rather than not asking them at all.


The world according to Scorpio is too interesting and stimulating a place not to ask and ask questions all the time. Although it is a sign that like most are looking for stability, he absolutely knows how to keep busy and whatever he does is never in the form of a “conclusion”.

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