The Stamp Bonuses now become 3! Total stamp exemption for all, joy, here’s the question

The car tax is a sting for Italians but now the tax bonus is up to three and many can actually not pay it anymore.

Let’s see what happens and above all let’s see the news.


Car tax is one of the most hated taxes by Italians. But it is It is important to remember that the stamp duty must still be paid within the deadline.

News on car tax

The car tax must be paid according to a particular expiration date which, however, many motorists are wrong.


In fact, the road tax is a tax on the possession (and not on the use) of the car and must be paid within the last day of the month following that of registration of the vehicle. Therefore the stamp has 12 different expiries during the year and every motorist must remember by which last day of the month he must pay this hated tax. But be careful because there are really positive news for motorists.

Total exemption and discounts

Before see the three stamp bonuses that totally exempt from the tax we see that the possibility of having a 20% discount on the car tax is still active if you pay it by domiciliation on a current account. Then paying the stamp duty with domiciliation on the bank or post office account. You can be sure not to forget the expiry of this anomalous tax, but you can also be sure of also have a nice discount. But with the sting of the life candle, the Italians are clearly more interested in total exemption and today it can be had in three ways.

Three ways to avoid paying the tax

The first total exemption from car tax is also the most famous one. In fact, eclectic cars are exempt from the payment of the car tax. Therefore, all owners of these non-polluting cars will be able to avoid the tax in a completely legal way. Surely this is a strong incentive to buy these non-polluting cars. The second case of exemption from car tax is linked to vintage cars. In fact, all vintage cars will be eligible for exemption as long as they are registered in the appropriate registers.

The richest and strongest exemptions

Here too we are talking about a certainly very interesting exemption. But the third case of exemption from stamp duty is both the most ethical and the richest. In fact, the car that is covered by law 104 is also exempted from the road tax. In this case, in addition to the exemption from the stamp duty, there is also a substantial reimbursement on the purchase costs and a long series of rich and interesting benefits.

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