“The team is there, today we deserved the victory”

Coach Marco Baroni spoke at a press conference at the end of Lecce-Empoli. Here are the statements of him.

To the microphones of DAZN

“Good performance against an opponent who has a little bit more than us. The team did very well. On the first goal there was an unfortunate deviation but we lost a ball that we shouldn’t have lost. When we found rhythms, we played an important game. Empoli tends to get down and take possession from behind ”.

“We have to continue on this path, performance is an important point to work on. We are still under construction, new players have arrived and our goal is to make the most of these resources ”.

“Umtiti? She gave us an exciting arrival at the airport, she showed a very nice feeling. She has shown the desire to get involved, she doesn’t want to look over her shoulder but only wants to look to the future ”.

In the press room:

“The team is there and performs well. There is regret because with a bit of luck the victory could have come, today we would have deserved it. We were facing a strong opponent who has an established game path. We need to improve in the last few meters, I still see crosses that have not been put in with malice and we need to improve in the attack on the goal. It takes more quality in finishing, but the team is alive and has grown in the game. I congratulate the guys and the public, who supported us even when we went under undeservedly. We knew there would be some difficulties but we are ready ”.

“Pongracic has done very well, he is a player of great quality. If he follows me he can become an important player. He has a lot of quality and must put more ferocity, he has only been with us for a week but his performance has been good. Another great performance by Baschirotto but I liked them all. Gonzalez is not a surprise, he can only grow, like the whole team. In Banda I saw some qualitatively important things, Vicario made an incredible save on him. Some players need time to integrate, we do not have time to make ad hoc preparations but now we will have close matches and everyone will be able to find space. positioning “.

“We lack a pinch of quality in the finalization of the game. The boys have to grow quickly. We have to improve in attacking the goal. We have our plays and we know how to create situations to score goals, we do not have players of such high quality that we can invent from just the goal, we must create the conditions to do it with our game ideas “.

“The players have to know our game, we have changed our game towards the tip. I always work to ensure that the game system is functional for the interpreters. The team believes in the football they offer, the boys were disappointed but aware of having made a good performance. We expect complicated but beautiful games to play ”.

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