the thread is lost between the buttocks, the PHOTO from behind is devastating

Ilary Blasi is continuing to inflame the world of social networks with embarrassing ease: in these hours a new shot in a thong has arrived.

Ilary Blasi (Instagram photo)

Among the most talented and talented conductors of the Mediaset house, it is impossible to forget Ilary Blasi. The Roman is the face of many Reality show and his programs always reach stratospheric ratings. The 41-year-old, during this hot summer, was on the front pages of the newspapers for the separation with Francesco Totti.

She and the Pupone have formed a couple loved by the Italians: their love seemed indestructible, and instead even such a long and intense relationship has come to an end. After the breakup, several were made public shocking news. Ilary, regardless of all this, lived an unforgettable summer and was on vacation for many weeks. Even in these days at the end of August, the presenter is at the sea and is sending social media with mind-blowing content into a tailspin. Once again, Blasi showed up in a science fiction thong costume.


Ilary Blasi, still an incredible thong: the whole backside on display

Ilary Blasi all buttocks photos
Ilary Blasi with a thong costume (Photo from Instagram)

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Ilary, even today, shocked all her followers with a sublime image. The presenter showed up with a new truly illegal thong costume: her entire backside is practically uncovered. The Roman had the brilliant idea of ​​turning around completely and placing the rear in the foreground.

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Her buttocks are a sight to behold: hard to find a more spectacular B-side. The body by Ilary, on the other hand, is a work of art in motion: the presenter has always been beautiful and very sensual.

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