the truth about what they cause in the gut

Replacing sugar with sweeteners could actually be a risky choice and lead to severe damage to the intestine.

Sweeteners (Freepik)


Abusing any food can cause damage to the body. Specifically, using a high amount of sugar can lead to the onset of various diseases such as diabetes and various diseases that compromise the cardiovascular system. THE artificial sweeteners they can represent a valid substitution for the use of sugar, however it is not always said that it is the best choice to make.

Even an incorrect use of sweeteners can cause serious damage, especially tointestine. Let’s find out what happens to the body if we ingest a high amount of sweeteners.

Sweeteners: what you didn’t know about the effect they have on the gut

Sweeteners, the truth about what they cause on the gut (Freepik)

But what are sweeteners? Artificial sweeteners are specially created through a chemical synthesis process. Their peculiarity lies in having a very high sweet taste but containing very few calories, moreover it is immediately excreted through the urine. Among the best known sweeteners we have aspartame and sucrose, but there are also several natural sweeteners such as stevia.

According to research, ours intestine it is populated by a series of bacteria called microbiota that act as a barrier function of the intestine and if their action is altered there can also be serious consequences for the body. For the study carried out, the excessive intake of sweeteners can alter the function of two bacteria that live in the intestine, namely Escherichia a coli and faecalis.

Hence, the erroneous assumption of sweeteners it can lead these two bacteria to puncture the intestine and damage it severely. These episodes can occur much more easily with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucrose found in high quantities in drinks and various foods. The alteration of these two bacteria can transform them into pathogens by perforating the intestinal walls, accumulating in different organs and causing very extensive damage to the liver and spleen.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to limit as much as possible the intake of these types of sweeteners and prefer the natural ones. Obviously you should never abuse any food as excess is always harmful and can cause problems for the body.

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