the truth comes out. The details of the discovery

Two months after the official announcement, the truth about the end of the relationship between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti comes out, leaving the fans of the couple and not only completely speechless.

Summer is ending taking away those beautiful momentary gossip due to the short and intense relationships between the various famous people. What, however, continues undaunted to feed the hunger of the most curious is certainly the most talked about separation in Italy, that between Blasi and Totti.

After twenty years and three children together Francesco and the presenter said goodbye, leaving behind a flood of questions. Why did such an established couple disintegrate? Things hadn’t been going well for some time. It is rumored that since Totti has abandoned football he felt lost and found no point of reference in his wife.

In addition, the pupone had to face, during the pandemic, the death of the beloved father precisely because of the covid while in turn he had contracted the virus. At the time only the love of the children was able to revive him but with Ilary, on the other hand, things have gone more and more towards the dark. The progressive separation between the two has led both to watch elsewhere but who betrayed first?

Now the truth finally arrives and it is unsettling.

Ilary, Noemi and the others

In the recent interview released for the Corriere della Sera, Francesco Totti breaks the silence about the breakup by making some truly shocking statements that certainly did not please his now ex-wife. According to the pupone Blasi would have been the first to betray and he, after having seen the messages exchanged with the alleged lovers, would have decided to deepen the relationship with what until then was only a confidant, Noemi.

Ilary would have at this point chased by a private investigator and inserted bugs in his car to find out the movements of the former football player. Indignant Tothe would have replied to you by keeping the designer bags of the beautiful presenter who, on the other hand, together with his father, he would have deprived Totti of his most expensive Rolexes. In short, it seems a real feud which, however, does not take into consideration the most precious asset, the three children.

The legal battle of the year approaches and the two show off their secret weapons. Totti wanted to anticipate with this interview with poison. And to think that according to some he would still love his wife very much too as the mother of her children. Here’s what she revealed in Corriere della Sera:

‚ÄúThere have been rumors in the past. On her and on me. But they were indeed rumors. Here was the evidence. The facts. And that threw me into depression. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I pretended nothing happened but it was no longer me, I was another person. I got out thanks to Noemi. We dated as friends. Then, after New Year, it became a story. People very close to her put bugs in my car, and the GPS to know where I was going; when it was enough for him to ask me. Other people have stationed themselves under Noemi’s house “

These, however, do not seem the words of one who cares for his wife despite the farewell. Not at all.

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