the version of the English tabloids. Harry and Meghan with William and Kate at Windsor Castle-

According to rumors reported by the British press, the distance between the Dukes of Sussex and the rest of the royal family is growing wider. The couple cut off from the inheritance of the sovereign. But on Saturday the four appeared together in Windsor to greet the crowd.

On Saturday afternoon, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan joined Prince William and wife Kate to look at the tributes and flowers left outside Windsor Castle on Saturday after Queen Elizabeth’s death. the first time they have been seen so closely since Harry and Meghan left their royal duties and moved to the United States.

LONDON – If Meghan did not accompany her husband Harry to Balmoral, the order to stay at home would have come from above: from Carlo himself, according to what the British tabloids report. On Thursday, when it was clear that Elizabeth’s condition had worsened and the end was near, Carlo would have phoned his second son. Meghan’s presence was not appropriate at a time of grave grief for which only the closest family was reunited, she would say. In addition Kate, wife of William, now Princess of Wales, had decided to stay in Windsor to take care of her children. No Meghan, then, that’s better.

Poor Harry, who has apparently already had to charter a private plane to get to Scotland in good time since not invited to travel with his brother William and uncles Andrea and Edoardo, He was thus forced to explain the situation to his wife and leave her at home. If King Charles III in his first address to the nation mentioned the affection that binds him to his son and daughter-in-law, the distance between Harry and the rest of the family seems obvious. Will it be possible to heal the rift created by dislike for Meghan, the Sussex comments on racism and the decision to move to the US? For now, the facts leave little hope. Returning from Balmoral Harry took a British Airways flight from Aberdeen even if a few hours later his brother William left with a military plane.

Meghan and Harry would also be cut off from the queen’s legacy. Perhaps it was inevitable, understandable: it would be strange and unusual if Elizabeth’s properties passed to those who abandoned the official role within the Windsors, but they are still indiscretions that attest to the coldness that governs the relations between the Windsors and the Sussexes, who in Montecito, California are building a very different existence from their English relatives. Back at the time of the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry had told of his surprise at being immediately excluded from any financial support. Perhaps then he did not expect great generosity even from Elizabeth’s will, though relations with the queen have always been very close. Elizabeth and Philip had taken care of Harry and William in the terrible days of Diana’s death while their father Charles went to Paris to retrieve the body of his ex-wife and take her back home. During her years, the sovereign was an attentive and affectionate grandmother (and great-grandmother), very close to all her grandchildren. If she had given Meghan Elizabeth a pair of pearl and diamond earrings for her wedding, the queen would have decided not to leave part of her jewels to her nephew’s wife, according to the British press. The terms of the will, in all likelihood, will remain confidential, but Elisabetta would have preferred to give the jewels to her daughter Anna, to her daughters-in-law Camilla and Sophie, wife of Edoardo, to her nieces Zara, Beatrice, Eugenia and Louisa, as well as to Catherine, who is a day will be queen. Meghan, on the other hand, has already received half of Diana’s jewels.

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