the weapons of Milan and Naples

Pioli and Spalletti, although starting from different principles, often resort to similar concepts in the two phases

Pegs has a consolidated group, Spalletti he found himself an almost brand new rose: it is inevitable that something would change from the point of view tactical. Just as it is inevitable that the Italian champion coach studied new solutions to make hers more unpredictable Milan. Both, in any case, have accentuated the search for depth, even if, fatally, the absences of Leao And Osimhen will change, and not a little, the context of the game plan.

Milan seeks assiduously the pressing even at high pitches, with the striker and the attacking midfielder called to attack the central opponents and the two offensive wielders to close the passage to the low sides of Napoli. With the midfielders getting up on the first ball holders in midfield, there is always the unknown Zielinski, one of the most skilled players in our football to find the space behind the opposing pressure. Pioli has two possibilities, either to let one of the central defense teams out (which, however, would be too far out of the area as the Pole often approaches his goal) or to leave it to one between Bennacer and Tonali by making one of the two external attacking midfielders fade (depending on area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin of the ball).

The risk, however, is to allow too much space for the rise of the low winger of Napoli, who would have the possibility of serving, depending on the band, two very skilled players in speed such as Lozano and Kvaratskhelia. Even without Osimhen, the search for depth is one of the most used patterns by the blues. In addition to Zielinski, we will have to be careful of Raspadori’s movements, deployed as a false nueve at the center of the attack. Also in this case there is a risk of letting out one of the defense centers too much. AC Milan’s offensive phase is equally difficult to read. The external attacking midfielders ‘enter’ into the field, Theo Hernandez alternates the lateral percussion with the central ones, Tonali accentuates the insertions in the area (or can widen to the left to create numerical superiority). All combined with a remarkable research of verticalization even with throws from behind. A tactical challenge, in short, for fine palates.

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