the wedding party, guests and the second dress

It is through the social profiles of the guests that we are able to “spy” what happened yesterday at the wedding party of Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta. Yes, because the couple, at a certain point of the day, put their smartphone aside to enjoy their special day and left the guests the “task” of telling the party organized in the luxurious JW Marriot Venice Resort, a wonderful place in the small Isle of Roses.

As reported, Federica arrived still wearing the dress she designed by the young Venetian designer Nicole Cavallo, and then changed her look at the end of the evening, when she continued to amaze with a very original white jumpsuit, an unusual choice for brides who usually prefer dresses with the skirt. Next to him the new husband Matteo, who instead sported a white tuxedo as a second suit. All around, a dream location, artfully created by the king of wedding planners Enzo Miccio: the party was set up in the garden of the resort.

At dinner, for the table, Federica and Matteo did not opt ​​for the classic all-white outfit, as is very fashionable now, but they added a touch of olive green. Then, as a centerpiece, many blush-colored roses. Roses also present to come down from the ceiling, along with romantic lanterns. A touch of class was once again the welcome gift for guests, a gift closed with red lacquer wax, very retro and elegant at the same time. At the end of the meal, a six-tier cake with lemon yellow decorations.

To entertain the guests, at the time of the dances, the producer Walterino Biasin. Only 160 guests, including many sports and very few well-known faces. Among the latter, the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò, the conductors Frank Matano and Lodovica Comello accompanied by their respective partners: both worked with Federica at Italia’s got talent. At the table with them also the king of pastry, the chef Iginio Massari. In pink the bridesmaids, or swimmers Alice Mizzau, Martina Carraro, Sara Franceschi, Laura Letrari and Chiara Massini Lucetti.


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