the zodiac signs rank from worst to best

The astral predictions of Paolo Fox’s horoscope for Thursday 1 September 2022, the updated classification of the signs

New appointment with the ranking zodiac signs today, Thursday 1 September 2022, based on the official forecasts of thePaolo Fox’s horoscope freely taken from the section edited by app Astri by Paolo Fox. How will the new month begin? On our site you can also consult the forecasts of 1/9 of Branko And Paolo Fox for all zodiac signs. Evil Pisces and Libra, who will be favored by the stars instead?

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Thursday 1 September 2022: from twelfth to ninth place

Twelfth and last place for i Fish: it’s not easy to manage your working life and these days you might even think about throwing everything away. But the Moon is on your side until Friday, so you can try to say what you think. Tensions will increase over the weekend. Eleventh place for the Weight scale that still has to pay some attention to the economic side. Mercury, however, passes through the sign and this brings some optimism towards the future. Those who have recently changed groups are not fully satisfied. In tenth position we find the Bull who lately has made some important love choices. At this moment, however, you have to think about work, since it begins in September. From next week Venus will return in favor and you will have to understand how to deal with some sentimental issues. Ninth place for the Lion: in these 24 hours there could be some contrast, as if I had to face a bit of stress matured in the past few days. Fortunately Jupiter is always positive and therefore these are only small tensions, which you can calmly overcome.

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Thursday 1 September 2022: from eighth to fifth place

Eighth place for the Capricorn: try to forget the controversy, also because on Thursday the Moon is favorable. You are looking for like-minded people, but you also want some reliability. You generally don’t trust others that much. In seventh position we find theAries which remains strong even in this month of September. Next week you will probably focus more on practical and economic matters. Mercury’s opposition may have created some economic problems. Sixth place for the Sagittarius: the best part of the week will be the final one, in fact Saturday and Sunday will be two important days. On Monday, Venus will begin a reverse transit, but fortunately no failures are coming. Fifth place for the Cancer who is better than the previous days. In fact, Thursday was born with a favorable Moon. There is some confusion, but there is no lack of stimulating projects. Often alternating moments of satisfaction with others more confused. KEEP READING…

Paolo Fox Horoscope Ranking today, Thursday 1 September 2022: from fourth to first place

Fourth place for theAcquarium which can take advantage of the fact that from Monday Venus will no longer be against it. You have been going through some kind of total revolution in your life since the beginning of the year. In third place are the Twins: after all, Thursday is not bad, but between Saturday and Sunday there could be a little more confusion. Your interests are now protected by Mars, Venus and Mercury. The lucky ones may also have received an answer, or will soon have it. Second place for the Virgin: the stars carry positive thoughts and this has some importance. In these 48 hours you can also start thinking about what to do next week. From Monday you can also count on Venus in a positive phase. The best sign of the day is Scorpio: the days of Thursday and Friday will be full of insights, also because the Moon is in the sign. Who has to overcome a problem, in these 48 hours will have the opportunity to react and face it.

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