TheFork Awards 2022: all Lombard restaurants

What are the new restaurants to try according to the greatest Italian chefs? Which establishments have been able to renew themselves in the last year with a new chef or thanks to a new management? From these questions arises the mission of TheFork Awards, the project conceived and curated by TheFork and Identità Golose, the first Italian congress of signature cuisine and pastry. Launched in 2018, it is the most vivid expression of closeness to the ever-changing realities of Italian catering.

Of the approximately 200 restaurants selected over the years, 24 have won at least one Michelin star following their participation in TheFork Awards and many others have been mentioned in the Gambero Rosso guide or in other prestigious publications.

The best news of 2022

The “top chefs” involved by TheFork and Identità Golose have selected 46 new openings and new managements for the period October 2021-August 2022, distributed throughout Italy with 15 regions represented: 28 brands in the North, 10 in the South and Islands and 6 in the Center. In particular, the region with the highest number of nominated restaurants is Lombardy, with 11 names between Milan and the provinces of Brescia, Bergamo and Como. Emilia-Romagna follows with 6 brands between Modena, Ferrara and the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Piacenza. There are many types of restaurants and kitchens: the most represented categories are those of fine dining and contemporary cuisine, but there is no shortage of trattorias, revisited traditional and ethnic cuisines such as Colombian, Japanese and even Peruvian-Japanese.

In Brescia the name of “Vivace” stands out, the restaurant in vicolo Rizzardo just 30 meters from Piazza Vittoria, named by none other than Philippe Léveillé, the chef of the “Miramontialtra”, the restaurant in Concesio for many years at the top of the our province.

“Vivace” was born from an imposing restoration project, which made it possible to recover the premises inside the ancient Corte Sant’Agata, tastefully mixing environments with an antiquated charm and modern furnishings. The restaurant is spread over two floors: the main room on the ground floor revolves around 4 ancient central columns, which today delimit the beautiful windows dedicated to the cellar and a large counter. On the underground floor, on the other hand, a characteristic environment with brick vaults. The project is the result of an idea by Eliana, Stefano and Giorgio Pasotti, 3 entrepreneur brothers who are passionate about food and wine, together with Daniele Merola.

The kitchen is instead signed by Davide Modesti, a chef from Brescia with various experiences behind him. The will, shared with the owners, is to give new life to tradition: the cook proposes dishes starting from known recipes, but teasing the palate with modern adjustments and amusing reinterpretations, so as to never make them monotonous. Elements that are symbolic of the territory are used, from raw materials to recipes, revisiting them, bringing that contemporary touch capable of giving them elegance and lightness.

Then there is the Fagiano restaurant of the Grand Hotel Fasano, in Gardone Riviera. Maurizio Bufi, the new executive chef, comes from afar: he is originally from Molfetta, and from his land he brought with him the flavors of the Mediterranean, which he wisely combines with those of our lake. He has been working on Lake Garda for about ten years, first at Lefay Resorts, then at Villa Giulia, where his cuisine was awarded a Michelin star. Now a new chapter has opened in his life, always in the name of the most delicious taste.

From the city to the Benaco, therefore, there are two great news on the table, real delights for the palate: you just have to try to believe!

All restaurants in Lombardy:

  • Contrada Bricconi, Oltressenda Alta

Appointed by Chefs Alessandro Dal Degan, Gianluca Gorini, Mauro Buffo and Carlo Cracco

  • Corner 58 by Roberto Conti, Milan

Appointed by Chef Andrea Berton

  • The Pheasant of the Grand Hotel Fasano, Gardone Riviera

Appointed by Chefs Matteo Metullio and Davide De Pra

Appointed by Chefs Annie Féolde and Riccardo Monco

  • Modus – Pizza according to Paolo De Simone, Milan

Appointed by Chef Viviana Varese

  • Motelombroso, Milan

Appointed by Chef Claudio Sadler

  • Pellico 3 at the Park Hyatt, Milan

Nominated by the Chefs Enrico and Roberto Cerea Massimo Bottura

  • Andrea Aprea Restaurant, Milan

Appointed by Chefs Valeria Piccini and Niko Romito

  • Ronin Robata, Milan

Appointed by Chefs Daniele Usai and Cristina Bowerman

  • Contemporary Trattoria, Lomazzo

Appointed by Chef Errico Recanati

  • Lively, Brescia

Appointed by Chef Philippe Léveillé

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